Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ger Off Your Broom Week 5 Update

This week was bad. I was hormonal, emotional and just wanted to eat so I ate. I can't blame it on the candy in the house, I have had a piece or two but it wasn't a proximity issue, I was just on this mindless binge!

Over the past 2 years my hormones have gotten more intense during that one week of the month and yet for some reason I have selective amnesia and completely forget about it. This time I decided enough is enough. I am tired of being uncomfortable in my own skin and the mindless hormonal eating isn't helping. SO I have made myself a note in my datebook and plan to keep that issue front and center so I can lessen its affect on me.

Let's face it, I am cranky, sad and feeling fat so lately I eat lots of junk which is making me crankier, sadder and feeling fatter. Hmmmm anyone else see a problem with this pattern LOL

The cool thing is that I did realize my problem before the end of the week (see post here), if I can get it together and stop the gain part of the equation I am going to rock the weight loss world!

On the mini challenge front - I did exercise 2 times this week. Not too bad for such a horrible week but I plan on doing better with exercise this week and will meet the goal of 5 times this week.

I did great with the fruits and veggies. I eat a lot of these so it was an easy challenge for me - yeah!!  and then the water...

SO I did better with water. I am weaning myself off of Diet soda - I know, I know, that is really bad stuff but I don't drink coffee and I really like my Diet Coke, but for my health I am going to stop drinking it.  Yes, that hurt to write. Anyway, this week I made a point of drinking a couple of bottles of water at work between my 2 sodas per day, tomorrow starts 1 bottle per day - ouch, and I also drank more water at home.

The week ended on an OK note. I did take my measurements and to my surprise my chest and hips are down and nothing is up. I also did a spell for strengthening my will this morning. I will let you know how it affects me in the next few weeks.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. Diet soda is my weakness too. It's hard to cut back but I'm a coffee addict as well and I figure one is a treat, both is pushing my luck :)

  2. Yay on doing great with the fruits and veggies and on getting better on the water. I'm still having water issues, but not as bad as before. I had a good week, but I ate a lot of candy. I'm sure I'll see some of the, um... sweets, in the next two weeks. My body changes very slowly. So don't feel too bad, there isn't much that you can do against the hormones other than try, try, try and do.


  3. Depending on the cravings, you could simply up your iron intake (more meat, broccoli or iron substitute) and the cravings should go away (or at least be reduced).

    Plus, many women I know (including myself) have noted that the whole PMS/hormonal whack/irregularity is reduced by weight loss. That's definitely another incentive, right? ^^

  4. Recognition of a problem means it's halfway fixed...good for you for making a stand against your hormones...LOL!! It is hard when the hormones are playing up - I'm lucky being a crone that I don't get the monthly upheaval anymore, but I do remember some awful times in the past. Now that you have recognised what is happening to your body, don't come down hard on yourself if you falter at any stage - it's only one week a month - there are 3 weeks to be healthier in!!
    YAY for you exercising, eating veggies and drinking the water during this last week - I gotta say that I am proud of a lot of witchlings on this challenge - we are all trying our darndest, and learning a lot about each other....Keep up the good work!!