Friday, March 15, 2013

Pagan Blog Project: F is for Fire

Fire is one of the 4 elements that make up all of creation, the others being Earth, Air and Water. Fire is a profound tool, used, among other things, in candle magic, for offerings, and of course for the more mundane (though no less important) purposes of cooking and warmth.  Fire is truly one of the most important tools that early man learned to use.  

As I stated previously, in my practice, Fire corresponds to the South, Noon, the Summer, Adulthood, the Mother, the Sun King, Manifestation and Action.

Fire is a masculine element which has both creative and destructive qualities. Fire can be used to burn a paper on which we have written a magical purpose, intent or thing we wish to release, thus destroying the paper and sending the magic imbued on it to the universe for action, fire can be a tool to creativity, as an artist, I use heat to cure my sculpture, flame to sear edges and add details - thus Fire aids in my creative endeavors.

Even when fire is viewed as destructive, as when it ravages a forest, it serves a purpose. Fire cleans away the old and makes way for new growth. Some seeds, such as those from the Lodgepole Pine, require fire in order for them to germinate.

Some additional correspondences for Fire:
Color: Red
Stones: Jasper, Quartz Crystal
Tool: Athame
Goddesses: Brigit, Vesta
Gods: Horus, Vulcan
Rituals: healing, purification, sex, banishing, courage, strength and also for Candle Magic
Creatures: Snake, Dragon, Phoenix
Elemental: Salamander

Fire is featured in many a fairy or folk tale. My favorite is the Russian Folk Tale of Baba-Yagaand Vasilisa the Fair. In this story, young Vasilisa is sent into the forest by her evil step-mother to get fire from the Baba-Yaga, which after completing many difficult tasks Vasilisa obtains and brings home the fire. Unfortunately for the step-mother and her daughters, the fire that Vasilisa brings home purifies the home, killing the step mother and her two evil daughters quickly.

In this tale, the Fire was both destructive and purifying, releasing Vasilisa from the influence of her step-mother and ultimately leading her to a much more pleasant life.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


It looks like the Winter Pagan Fitness Challenge and the Pagan Health and Fitness Blog are no more. I missed the reasons as I have been out of the loop the past couple of weeks but I am sure Serenity had good ones!!

Since fitness is an important part of my life and my path I will continue to work on my goals as I have set them previously and will periodically post an update on them here.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pagan Blog Project: E is for Elements - Earth

This week, rather than talk about the elements as a whole I am going to write a bit more about Earth.

When we speak of the Earth people think many different things, they may think immediately of Mother Earth and Nature, or Gaia, they may think of the Crone or of winter or they may just think of Earth as the ground under their feet. Earth is, of course, all of those!

As I wrote in my previous post, in my practice the Earth corresponds to: North, Night, Winter, Old Age, the Crone, the Sorcerer, Wisdom and Integration. Earth is also a sensual element and relates to the cycle of life; birth, life, death and rebirth. We see this repeated over and over as the seasons change on this wonderful place we call home.

Earth is a feminine element and is solid, strong, stable and full of life. As a Pagan, I try to pay tribute to mother Earth as well as to Earth as an element through my magical practices and the life I lead. 

Some additional Correspondences for Earth:
Season: Autumn
Planetary Correspondence: Saturn
Elemental Being: Gnome
Colors: Brown and green
Altar tool: Pentacle
Strength, Stability and Abundance.
Spells for manifestation, fertility, wealth and growth
Herbs/plants: patchouli, sage, mandrake
Incense: Patchouli, white sage
Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo
Stones: Moss Agate, Malachite, Jasper
Goddesses: Gaia, Cybele and

Scott Cunningham has a wonderful book called Earth Power which has simple spells for working with the elements. Here are a couple of ways listed in his Earth power book to use the power of Earth:

Tie some fresh, rich soil into a small green square of cloth, make sure the knot is strong and the earth will not fall out. Then carry this little charm with you if you have troubles with stability, security and self control or if you tend to let your emotions rule you life, are angry or nervous. This amulet of earth will help you.

According to Scott Cunningham, people used to believe that the earth could confound evil spirits and demons, who would have to count every grain of earth in a bottle before they could enter a dwelling so he also included information on an Earth protection bottle.

To make an Earth Protection Bottle:
In a small bottle pour fresh clean soil. Fill it to the top and cap it. Place this bottle near the entrance of your home, preferably near a window to guard against evil entering into your home.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter Pagan Fitness Challenge Update

This past two weeks I have been throwing a mini temper tantrum! I hurt my arm and am currently unable to do any upper body weight lifting and it has thrown me off my game. Completely!

So this week I have been slowly doing what I should have done two weeks ago. I have researched what I need to do to make sure I do not make it worse, I have gotten some medical advice and have started the strengthening exercises I need to do to mend my arm.

Of course I also searched to see how long it would take before I would start to lose the muscle mass that I had built up over the past year and a half - fortunately it takes a while for you to lose muscle mass once you have it so I have at least 6 weeks to heal and I plan on making sure I heal completely!

This incident has made me realize how much my view on exercise has changed over the past year. I miss it when I can't workout. Once I started to see changes in the tone of my muscles I was hooked!

So now that I am on the mend (I have also been sick for the past couple of days) I will have a full Fitness Challenge post this coming Sunday.

Wendy Rule - Live!

I had the privilege to attend a house concert done by Wendy Rule this past weekend and I have to say it was amazing! The venue, being someone’s home, was intimate, the crowd was small (and I knew quite a few of those in attendance) and the music was, in Wendy’s words, in the style of the Troubadours. What a gift. Here is one of my favorite songs - this video is from another house concert

Wendy’s voice is truly remarkable and she just shines. She and her partner Timothy put on such a beautiful show and are both so personable. If you ever get a chance to see Wendy perform live – GO!  I have a couple of her studio albums and listening to her live makes you appreciate how talented she is. Her music is beautiful and heartfelt and her voice is pure.

OK, enough gushing. I’ve been sick all week and finally had a chance to share!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

E is for the Elements - Pagan Blog Project

Wendy Rule: The Circle Song (Elemental Chant)

The very first song I ever heard from Wendy Rule was the Elemental Chant. This of course made me immediately rush to itunes and buy her album The Wolf Sky - I was hooked! The above video is similar to the song I heard.

This week I wanted to write about the Elements. As a Pagan with serious Wiccan leanings I am very in tune to the elements. I am referring to Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These four elements along with Spirit make up the foundation of my magical practice. The elements are thought to be the building blocks of all of creation and not just of the physical realm. The properties of these four elements encompass emotion, thought, and much more.

Since it is currently very late on Thursday night I am going to write just a brief overview of the Elemental Correspondences, next week I will write a more in-depth post about the elements.

In my practice, Air represents inspiration, Fire action, Water reaction, and Earth integration. I build my spell work around their properties and I work with each element at different times depending on the result I am working towards.

Here are some  additional elemental correspondences that I recognize:

Earth: North, Night, Winter, old age, the Crone, the Sorcerer, Wisdom and Integration.

Air : East, Dawn, Spring, Youth, the Maiden Goddess, the Young God, Thought and
Fire: South, Noon, Summer, Adulthood, the Mother, the Sun King, Manifestation and

Water: West, Dusk, Fall/Harvest, Parenthood, the Queen, the Judge, Emotion and Reaction

I apologize for the briefness of the post. It's been a very long and trying week but I have been thinking about this topic since we started and I didn't want to miss a day.

Next week I'll have a much more detailed post about the elements.