Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tomorrow is another day!

To quote Scarlett O'Hara - "...Tomorrow is another day".

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, one of those days when you just feel icky. That was my day today. I was grumpy, feeling a little off and all I wanted to do was eat. That surely didn't do much for me or my health today.

No offense to Scarlett, but rather than wait for tomorrow I decided to try to pull myself out of this funk today. I threw a tennis ball for the dog - I am not sure if that actually counts as exercise but it felt good anyway, I tweeted about Zombie Felties - which are totally cute - and in just a few minutes I am going to go soak in a tub full of lavender scented bubbles. If I am still grumpy after that I'll just go to bed. So there!

Some musings before I head off to soak away my bad mood...

I am slowly working my way through the reasons why I am not sticking to Weight Watchers right now. The plan is actually pretty easy to follow. You can eat just about anything in moderation and it is a lifestyle that I mostly adhere to on a regular basis anyway.

Lately I have been eating my way though life and I feel miserable - yet still I do it. I have lost 40 pounds on Weight Watchers and have kept 35 of it off for over 5 years, ever after this week. I know this program, when I follow it I am very successful. I only have 35 more pounds to go and I will be at MY personal goal weight, only 25 to go to be at the Weight Watchers goal  for my height and only 10 more pounds to go to fit into everything in my closet! Hello???? What is the problem?

I think I am just afraid to be thinner. I have maintained this weight for 5 years, give or take  few pounds. 1.5 years ago I was 10 pounds lighter but my hubby and I were separated and life was really sad, I looked pretty good but was miserable. I think I am associating the thinner me with a sad life and that is going to have to stop. I felt really good about my appearance then, I actually liked how I looked, not only in the mirror but in my clothes.

So I will ponder this epiphany tonight and see what else may be holding me back. I will get through this hurdle. I will be successful in my quest to be healthy. I will be getting my butt off the broomstick and onto the treadmill and I will be singing a different tune! Starting right now!

Blessings...I am off to soak in the lavender bubbles.


  1. Finding out what is beneath our "optional weight" is a huge step in the right direction.

  2. Doing better today! The bath worked.
    Diandra I know that I feel more comfortable with who I am now and while I want to lose some weight I am not worried about being "perfect" I really just want to be comfy in my own skin and be healthy. My main goal is to NOT be reliant on medications (if possible) when I am old!!