Friday, November 11, 2011

What a Week!

This week has been a roller coaster ride! We said a tearful goodbye to a very dear friend, had some good times, some tough times, lots of chances for serious thoughts and today, a happy ending on the scale (I know it may seem trivial but it made me happy).

In general I don't do funerals, I'd prefer not to attend my own but I have been told that it's impossible, oh well. This week, because this person was a mentor to both me and my husband and someone whom I admired and respected, I attended his funeral. I have never been to a Masonic funeral before and I have to say it was quite the sight to behold. There were over 500 (yes 500!) people in attendance and the Masonic ceremony was amazing. The ritual was thought provoking and full of genuine love and respect. Throughout the ceremony I laughed, cried and well, really enjoyed the tribute that was done for my friend. While it was difficult to go through I am so very glad I went. It was emotionally draining but when I left that afternoon I felt closer to my friend.

This week I also signed up to do a Yule Fairy/Creature gift box swap with my friend Patricia Hedegaard. I am making a Yule Fairy and will bake some yummy gingerbread stag cookies and them add some interesting surprises. Later today I will be posting the color palette I am using and the sketches and work I have already completed. While drawing out my ideas I realized that I would have to make at least 2 and possibly 3 of these little fairies. I have one head sculpted already, we'll see how well she comes together.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my Get Off Your Broom Fitness Challenge update, and it is finally a good one!

See you soon!


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  1. Attending funerals isn’t an easy thing. It brings closure to us but sometimes that feeling of closure has such finality that it makes the feeling of loss so much more severe. I’m glad that your friend had such a grand send off. Clearly, he was a magnificent person that was esteemed by many. Thanks for sharing.