Sunday, November 13, 2011

Get Off Your Broom Fitness Challenge Update- Week 6!

Finally, I got it together. This week I actually lost weight! SO I think I am back to where I started *grin* but that is better than posting an overall gain. I feel better this week.  I have rearranged my schedule and I think I will be more successful now with the numbers on the scale.
This week I actually got on my treadmill and walked! I also cleaned my house (I worked up a better sweat doing that than I did on the treadmill), and I moved furniture (lots of big stuff) at the office.  I am pleased with that. I did play fetch with the dog everyday but until I can get her to throw a tennis ball for me I have decided not to count it as exercise.
One of the mini challenges was to think about why I joined this challenge in the first place. My reasons were two-fold, I wanted to join because I like this type of group challenge where people are working towards the common goal of being healthy. The second reason was that I really like the online community that I have found here and wanted to become more active within it.  I know that the holidays are a tough time to try to lose weight but as long as I don’t give up I’ll eventually get there and already the people I  have met and the support I have found are just amazing.  I am really glad that I joined.
I’m going to post more later-on today. I am off to play with my girlfriends! Have a lovely day my friends.


  1. Congrats on losing! Have a blast with the girls. I'm happy you like the people you found because I found you and the feeling is mutual.

  2. Thanks! Magaly- The feeling is definitely mutual for both you and Diandra. I feel so lucky to have found this group.

  3. WooHoo for you :o))
    Congrats on losing the weight - now go and have some fun with your girlfriends!!!

  4. Thanks Darkwench! If only I could keep the loss instead of gaining it back LOL