Saturday, July 13, 2013

This Way to the Mad Tea Party

It's Time for my Mad Tea Party and unlike the White Rabbit you are just in time. Thank you for stopping by my party and a big thank you to Vanessa at for hosting this amazing day full of fun. I hope you enjoy yourself, have some cake, some lovely tea and I'll see you at the next stop! Click on the picture above to go to the Tea Party Page.

Come right in, sit down and enjoy your time here. 

There's plenty of room, don't be shy. 
I'm sure you're aware that we're all Mad here... 

Tea in the tea pot? Absolutely not! Flowers are much more fun, don't you agree? Don't worry, there's plenty of tea in the other two pots. I'll tell you a little secret... The tea in the small pot is perfect, just a bit of magic to make it special and some of the Rabbit's special blend leaves, you really should try some!!

The cake is ready to be cut. Who would like a piece?

Some of the guests took time off form their busy day playing croquet to join us! 

Shhhh, Alice is peaking in on us, she just got back from the Mad Hatter's where she got that cute little tiara!

Be careful with that key! You never know "where" it will unlock!

Last chance for some cake... At least until the next party.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon. Thanks again to Vanessa at for hosting this awesome blog party. I always love to see the beautiful things she posts and it is always amazing to see what others create with a theme. Be sure to check out the other parties. I'm sure you'll see me there!


  1. Flowers in a teapot make so much sense, especially when they look so yummy! And so nice of you to offer the pink flamingos a place to relax their necks on their day off.

    Now, can I please have some cake?

    *Nom, nom, nom* ;-D

  2. What a fun little tea party, that cupcake looks delicious!

    Thanks so much for having me, and happy Mad Tea Party!

    Please do come visit my 2 interwoven fairytale inspired stories-

    1. The White Queen as she prepares her Mad Tea Party for her eleven dancing sisters in:

    2. The dancing princesses dancing their way all over the land to reach her Mad Tea Party:

    I'm looking forward to serving you a home made rose macaron or two at my tea party!

  3. Thank you for a lovely tea party. I adore your tea pot!

    Swing by my party post. I have some party favors for everyone and a chance to win a prize.

    Enjoy visiting all of the parties!

    Kathryn - Collage Diva

  4. Beautiful tea! and sweet teapot of flowers, of course!!!
    Hope you will visit my tea! Have a fun day!

  5. Had a great time thanks!

  6. Had a great time thanks!

  7. Such a fun party - thank you so much for having me!! I love your tablescape, I adore checkerboards!!


  8. Your party is AH-dorable. And I think that the teapot full of flowers is charming!

    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Please stop by and visit my party!
    Ricki Jill

  9. Ohhh what a wonderful magic Tea Party you make...thanks for sharing...have a nice day
    Kerstin from Germany

  10. I have enjoyed your wonderful tea party!

  11. Okay, that white cupcake tasted divine. Yum. So nice to meet a fellow east coaster who moved to the west. Hugs from AZ.

  12. OOh Cupcakes! My favorite! Thank you for inviting me! I had a very nice time. I do hope you will come over to visit with me at mine!
    Thank you,

  13. Fun confetti cupcake! nomnomnom. :)

    Thanks for sharing your magic with me. Drop by my party when you have a free moment.

    ~ Misha

  14. That Flamingo is darling!

    What fun! Thank you for having me.

    Please come visiting:


  15. Lots of fun! I love Queen Alice peeking around.

  16. Love the flamingo! And of course flowers in the teapot - who doesn't put flowers in the teapot!

    Thank you for having me!

    Please do stop by my party as well, but beware the Jaberwock is lurking about!


  17. I had a lovely time! Thank you!

  18. thank you for the tea! i enjoyed your party!

  19. Lovely Tea Party! Thank You so much, I love Alice's tiara, simply magical! Love for you to hope over for a spot of tea at my party too! ~Hugs, Susan

  20. That clock is so cool! Lovely party.

  21. Love that clock!!! and that copper teapot with all the lovely flowers, so beautiful! Thank you, I have enjoyed my stay ever so much!

    You are welcome to pop on over to my party when you can!

  22. lovely tea party!
    thank you for having me

  23. I want that cupcake ;)

    No seriously.

    I want to have my own right now. I should have made some honestly ;)

    LOve your vignettes!!

    Thank you so much for being a part of the Mad Tea Party ♥

  24. Lovely tea party. I so enjoyed visiting,

    lori v

  25. A lovely tea party, I must say!
    Save me some cake and a teapot of tea.

  26. I LOVE the clock and flamingo!!! What a great idea to use dolls in your tea party! Happy Mad Hatter Day!

  27. Oh oodles of fun at your Tea Party...pleas stop by and visit me♥

  28. A fabulous party, thank you so much for inviting me :)
    I would love a piece of cake, ta muchly !!

    I hope you will pop by and visit my party also:

    Mad Madam Mel xx

  29. Such a pretty tea party. I loved your flamingo.

  30. What a delicious party. I had a wonderful time and drank so much tea. I have to admit you had some pretty interesting party guest. Love the pink hair on that flamingo!
    Wishes and Whimsy
    **Please drop in for a spoonful of tea

  31. Thanks for a lovely time at your tea party!
    I do agree, flowers are delightful in a teapot!

  32. What a lovely tea party! The cake looks divine! Thanks so much for having me. Happy Partying! ~Michelle

  33. What a lovely tea party, many thanks.

  34. Thank you all for visiting me! I've been visiting parties all weekend and I am so inspired by everyone. What a lovely party this has been!

  35. What a beautiful tea party :)
    Come have a sip w me .....

  36. What a beautiful party! So much to see and eat, thank you for having me!

    My party is still going, if you'd like to pop by:

  37. You truly have the most gorgeous little items there, how enchanting and delicious it looks... XXX from Sara in Sweden

  38. Great tea party! Love the table setting you did and that pocket watch is fantastic!

  39. Great tea party! Love the table setting you did and that pocket watch is fantastic!

  40. Autumn, so glad that you enjoyed your stay at my Party...I have also enjoyed yours too..Splendid Party! Thanks for the invite♥

  41. What a fantastical and magick tea party! I did see you at a few others. Where do you find the time to make your own table so inviting?
    Looking forward to visiting you again in Oz!

  42. DogsMom - I love to create tablescapes ;) I had a great time with this one. Thank you for stopping by!

  43. Thank you to everyone who stopped by I had such a great time! I'm still visiting parties when I can. What an awesome week this has been.

  44. I'm late, I'm late!
    What a wonderful tea! The cake adorned with flowers was really very special and I'm so glad Alice came back in time to show us her tiara. It really is a lovely tiara!

  45. Rhissanna, I am so glad you could make it! Thanks for stopping by and I will head over to yours too!!

  46. Lovely tea party. It reminds me of my tea party arranged at one of San Francisco event venues where I collected ideas from online and implemented them. Everyone was very happy to see great arrangements of party and I was very happy to receive great compliments.