Friday, July 19, 2013

O is for Orange – A Pagan Blog Project Post

In the studio

This week I thought I would write about the color Orange.

Magically, orange corresponds with the following: prosperity, encouragement, abundance, justice, luck, legal matters, charm, kindness, encouragement, stimulation, optimism, success, abundance, feast and celebration, achieving business goals, investments, success in legal matters and change or zest

As you can see from the list above, Orange is a pretty great color to work with.

I’ve found that color is an important part of my magic. When I am working on a spell I like to put as much oomph in it as I can, let’s face it, when we are doing spell work, we want it to succeed, so using color, whether it be in the form of stones, candles, paper, ribbon, clothing, etc., adds to the power and is such an easy thing to do!

In my studio I have yellow and orange flowers, yellow for creativity and orange for its correspondence to success and achieving business goals. When I am working on my Art I like to have that success swirling around me.

For my Etsy shop Beneath The Witch's Moon ( I know, imagine that) I create spell bottles (among other things). They are beautiful little works of art that are also magical. Currently, orange is featured in two different spell bottles in the shop - the Luck bottles and the Aiding in a Job Search bottles(the orange in inside these bottles), both have orange accents and as you can see above, orange is definitely appropriate for both.

Well, that is my tribute to the color Orange. It is one of my favorite colors and one that I work with often. 

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  1. I wanted to stop over and say Congratulations! I see you won the Journey of the Heart Journal from CollegeDiva!

    Orange is one of my favorite colors and I am so happy it playes a huge role in the autumn season.