Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Spell Bottles in My Etsy Shop

One of a Kind - Prosperity Spell Bottle

This week I will be adding two new types of spell bottles to my Beneath the Witch's Moon Etsy Shop. I am adding two sizes of Protection Spell Bottles and two sizes of a spell bottle to Aid in Finding a Job. These join the Good Luck Spell bottles and the Wealth/Prosperity Spell Bottles that are currently in the shop.

Both the Protection and the Finding a Job bottles come in a pocket size so you can carry them with you as well as in a slightly larger size that you can use to add specific magical intent to any room in your house.

Each spell bottle is hand made by me during the correct moon and astrological phases and with ingredients specifically chosen for the intent of the bottle. Most of my small spell bottles (not the pocket size) are made from antique salt shakers which gives them a beauty all their own.

Larger spell bottles are one of a kind works of magical art and are also created with the correct ingredients and during the correct times for their intended purpose. These are designed to be magical as well as decorative and should be displayed somewhere that they are visible.

All spell bottles are charged and ready to go and come with a spell that the individual can use to make the bottle specifically theirs, adding their own intent and power to the original spell. This step is not necessary but  included for those who prefer to add a little of themselves to the power of the bottle.

Also currently in the shop are several domino pendants, a Kitchen Witch Apron and a gold embroidered Wheel of the Year Altar cloth.

Check it out if you get a chance.



  1. What wonderful ideas.
    I still know many people who can use help finding jobs.

  2. Thank you :0) I will have them in the shop on Sunday, just putting the finishing touches on them.