Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter Pagan Fitness Challenge Update

This past two weeks I have been throwing a mini temper tantrum! I hurt my arm and am currently unable to do any upper body weight lifting and it has thrown me off my game. Completely!

So this week I have been slowly doing what I should have done two weeks ago. I have researched what I need to do to make sure I do not make it worse, I have gotten some medical advice and have started the strengthening exercises I need to do to mend my arm.

Of course I also searched to see how long it would take before I would start to lose the muscle mass that I had built up over the past year and a half - fortunately it takes a while for you to lose muscle mass once you have it so I have at least 6 weeks to heal and I plan on making sure I heal completely!

This incident has made me realize how much my view on exercise has changed over the past year. I miss it when I can't workout. Once I started to see changes in the tone of my muscles I was hooked!

So now that I am on the mend (I have also been sick for the past couple of days) I will have a full Fitness Challenge post this coming Sunday.

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