Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Pagan Fitness Challenge Update

This week was one of those Murphy’s Law Weeks… Anything that could go wrong did! Thankfully most of it was at work, the computers didn’t work, the phones went down, our internet was out (at work), my printer needed a part and it didn’t show up so I did not have the ability to print anything on Friday – which means that I have a lot to print this coming week! But I survived the craziness and while I feel like I ran into walls all week I am happy with my progress.

I did manage to get to the gym and earned 12 broom points – yay! I only added a tiny bit of yoga to my routine so I do not count that as having started a Yoga routine. Once again I will try to incorporate it this week.

Since I ate chocolate all week, had lots of wine and then went out to dinner Friday (the night before my weigh-in) I was not too surprised that I gained a bit. What I was happy about was that it was only a pound and that I attribute to the fact that I did get to the gym this week and mostly I eat a healthy diet.  

I had my last diet coke yesterday. I have a slight headache today but I consider it a fair trade. My man came to me yesterday and told me that he read another study on the bad affects the artificial sweetener in Diet Coke has on people. Since it was my plan to stop drinking soda and to stop yesterday it was a timely article indeed! The cool thing is he now notices things that have that in it and we are actively looking for alternative – whole, non-processed foods. Don’t get me wrong, he still bought the store brand twinkie like cake as a snack for him and our son but the majority of the foods we buy are much healthier!

This week was also full of happy things, my dad is on the mend after an agonizing round of radiation therapy for a cancer that returned. He is expected to make a full recovery! My mom is better as well, apparently she had a bad viral infection – they just told me about all of this a week ago, they didn’t want to worry me! Also, my guy is sending me home to see my childhood friends in late April. I was going to go for my birthday but the timing wasn’t quite right, now I get to see family, friends and even attend my cousins wedding reception! SO – my motivation to actually stop eating chocolate and cut down on the wine (notice I did not say give up!) is high.  We’ll see how that translates into action this week.
I hope you had a healthy, happy week!

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