Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Pagan Fitness Challenge Update

This week was much better than the past two weeks were, I did manage to lose those 2 pounds that I gained during my foodie dream week of lunches plus a tiny bit more. I got to the gym 4 times and I feel great. As I have said before, I've been teetering on the line of the maximum weight my body is able to handle without pain and while I am still below that threshold I prefer to see the numbers on the scale go down, not up! '

At my Weight Watchers weigh in this week I realized that I am only 21 pounds from my Weight Watchers goal weight. That is exciting. It will be harder to lose the weight the closer I get to goal but I know I can do it. I am aiming for the top end of the weight range. I want to get to a healthy weight that I can maintain without starving myself - cause that is soooo not going to happen! 

I am still searching for a Yoga class that will fit into my schedule, until that time I am going to start adding some Yoga into my evening stretching routine. I did download the World of Froud Pathways to Faery Meditation app from Itunes. Wendy Froud taught me to sculpt and she and her husband are two of the most magical people I have ever met. Their meditation app is awesome!

I’ve started drinking a lot more water. I still have 1 diet coke a day and I am psyching myself up to give it up. I know it is not good for me, I know that I will be healthier without it and yet I still want it. So, I add more water and prepare myself for the day I don’t but it again – that day will be here soon. Really!

My diet is much better. I rarely eat processed foods. I’ve been cooking more and even the lunches out were at restaurants that offer unprocessed-food based meals.  For our Super bowl Sunday snack today I made baked tortilla chips and served them with fresh salsa – yum, healthy and preservative free!

I earned 16 broom points this week so I am up to 50 out of the 150 I plan to earn during this challenge.

All in all this was a good week. Goals for the coming week:
Do some basic Yoga 3 nights
Add more water into my day
Prepare myself to have my last diet coke on Saturday – yes, it will take me that long to prepare myself!
Get to the gym 3-4 times this week

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