Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Little Birdie Told Me Swap - My Creation

I just checked and she's arrived at her new home! Now I can share her. Here is the sweet little bird I made for this fun swap hosted by YarniGras! I hope her new mom enjoys her as much as I did!

On her nest

She is made of Dupioni Raw Silk and has embroidered wings and tail feathers. Of course there has to be a bit of bling and some matching flowers.

Tail Feather

I had a great time with her tail. I saw an embroider design that had this pattern in it so I cropped the design, snipped out what I didn't want and made an awesome tail. 

Wing detail

Her wings were something that I sort of just winged :). I drew a simple shape and digitized it for embroidery then added some detail. I loved how they turned out.

Full Shot of Nest

Before decorations

I have no idea what this was in it's former life. It was black and had a little cap attached to it by a wire. I though maybe it held an oil lantern of some sort. Regardless, it made the perfect stand for my little bird.

Owl Clips

One of the add ins I included with my birdie was the above Owl Clips I found at Ikea - So much fun! I also made a domino pendant for my swap partner but I forgot to take a picture of it - oops!

If you'd like to get in on the fun check out Yarnigras Swapper Spot. She'll be posting the next swap soon!

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