Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Pagan Fitness Challenge Update - Week 5

This week was better than last but not by much. I only got to the gym twice (I did earn 8 broom points though) sue to a snafu with my membership. Fortunately that is fixed and this week will be better gym wise.
Then there was lunch! A little background…

I work a wonderful 4 – 10 hour days schedule, however, due to holiday pay issues my co-worker and I each work 4 8 hour days when there is a holiday (like last week) and we go out to lunch since we have an hour lunch instead of a half hour, The challenge is that we both love ethnic foods, last week we had Thai, Salvadoran, Indian and Taiwan style lunches J It was awesome!

So while I had a foodie’s dream week of lunches I didn’t have a good week as far as my weight. It only irritated me for a minute though. Yesterday I had a dinner plate sized pupusa for lunch and it was delicious. What did I learn from this? Well, first off, I can’t order the super pupusa, I need to get two of the regular size – I have no off switch when it comes to those, second, if I get serious and actually follow the Weight Watcher program these holiday lunch weeks will not be an issue.

I have maintained a 40 pound weight loss for 10 years, losing the last 25 is now my focus. I know that when I am at my goal weight, gaining 2 pounds during my foodie holiday lunches won’t bother me because I know that I will lose those extra pounds within a week or two. Since I am not at goal I will be planning better for those lunch weeks, fortunately they don’t happen that often!

So, not too bad a week, up a couple of pounds, lessons learned and 8 more Broom points added to my total!

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