Monday, July 2, 2012

Northern California/Northern Nevada Adventure

Looking towards Reno, Nevada

This weekend, since we were not to able to work on the roof of the deck (see previous post) John and I decided to take the top and doors off my jeep and head out to the Toyiabe National Forest and play. We took a very narrow path and headed up the mountain. It was such a beautiful day.
We saw this lovely deer. She stopped to look at us and once she went into the brush we continued on our way. We drove to a place that was wide enough to park and then hiked through the silent back country forest. It was amazing!
I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I like to travel. On the walls of my home and studio l have framed pictures that I have taken from all over the world yet until this weekend I didn’t have any from the area that I call home. So here are a few that I took over the weekend. I think I even have one or two that I will frame!
Looking towards the Valley

 A Hazy view of Reno
View from the road - very narrow road!
The Sasquatch Tavern & Grill, Verdi Nevada - Last Stop!

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