Monday, February 6, 2012

The Winter Ball - Fire and Ice Masquerade Costume Ball

This week has been quite momentous for this no longer quite so solitary witch. I attended the Winter Ball which was a masquerade ball to benefit the Northern Nevada Pagan Pride day. I met many wonderful people and really enjoyed my first foray out into the local Pagan community in Northern Nevada. 

It was such a lovely night. I met lots of fun, interesting people and got to take part in an Imbolc celebration that was not just for me. I left there feeling energized and happy.

Add to this the two online rituals I attended this week and it appears that I am propping open that broom closet door more and more - and I LOVE it! I even offered to help my friend with her booth at the Pagan Pride event in September. Not only will I be supplying her with some Pagan and Wiccan themed embroidered items - I'll also be manning the booth! Yeah! I am already excited about it and the event isn't for 7 months!

BB everyone!

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