Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Pictures from the Fire and Ice Masquerade Ball

Here I am with my good friends Sherrie and Jann! I am so lucky to have found them!
That is Sherrie's son Joe behind us, he is a pretty awesome person as well.

So Lovely!

This is Rune, he is one of my favorite people!

Jann, Samantha and Rune

This is TNT, she's an amazing artist!

Shawna and Joanna both have lovely voices

English Bob
He was quite the character!!

The costumes were amazing, the people were fantastic and the night.... magical! That is all I have right now. I had to share with you all, it was such an amazing night for me. I am looking forward to more events with the amazing Northern Nevada Pagan community! Every single person I met was warm and welcoming. 


  1. Wow, it looks like a ton of fun!

  2. I'm a bit jealous... it seems like you had a blast. And everything looks sooo great!

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