Thursday, February 23, 2012

GOYB Fitness Challenge - Late Check In!

This week was more of the same for me. I was out of town, I only exercised 1 time and fortunately my weight stayed the same.

I did take my measurements again and even though I have not lost any weight I am down another 2.25 inches for a total of 9.25 inches since I started working out with weights.

The amazing thing is that I went from only being able to lift 3 pounds in each hand when doing chest flys to lifting 20 pounds in each hand this week for the same exercise - and yes, right now I am feeling it but the pain feels good! I am starting to see a real difference in my upper arms; the flying squirrel flap is almost gone! Yippee! Or should I say Victory!

BB my friends... I hear a hot bath calling to my aching muscles!


  1. It is surprising what strength training does for the body. I think it is totally underrated, especially with women.

  2. Congratulations! Try putting a little epsome salt in your bath water, it does wonders for sore muscles.

  3. Thanks Debi! I'll do that.
    Diandra, I love working with the weights. I am so surprised by how much I am already able to lift! AND the big thing, my knee stopped hurting, it doesn't even ache now and the swelling has gone down since I started working on strengthening those muscles.