Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lifestyle Change - Weight Training – the First Class

If you have ever read Nora Roberts The Signs of Seven trilogy, you may be familiar with the first book’s heroine Quinn.  She eats healthy and works out, not because she wants to but because she has to or she’ll forever be dieting. I love that attitude. She looks longingly at French fries then eats an apple, all the while repeating “lifestyle change”.  
This is a lifestyle change and while I may have a treat or two I am going to make sure that the bulk of what I eat is great tasting and healthy fuel for me. I want to be healthy and fit and if I can help it, I do not want to be dependent on medications when I get older! I know that eating right, exercising and reducing stress will help me live a better, happier and more productive life.
So today was my first day of the weight training class. We met our instructor -who I really like. She told us she would probably get on our nerves because she will be making sure we use proper form and do the exercises correctly, she isn’t going to be nice and let us be slackers. Does that bother me, not yet, give me a couple of weeks and she may get on my nerves but I am OK with that because she will also help me get the results that I want.
She took our measurements, did our body fat analysis using a computerized caliper (ouch – no it didn’t hurt, at least not until I saw my results) and she discussed with each of us what we wanted to get out of the class. Overall I was impressed with the instructor, the facility and the class size. The cool thing is that since I was referred to the weight lifting class by a friend I am able to take the beginner Yoga class this Saturday for free to see if I like it. Yeah, I love it when things like that happen.
I want to take a couple of Yoga classes before I use the DVD’s I own. I’ve done them before but seriously, having never studied Yoga, I have no clue if my form is even close to being correct so I want to work with an instructor for a while.
I feel good, even though my jeans are still a bit tight right now, I am already starting to feel the results of eating a healthy diet again. I normally eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink lots of water and avoid junk and fast food, the past 6 weeks it seemed like I ate mostly fast food and junk and I felt it. My back and knees hurt, I felt tired and just all around icky.  I know how that happens, I think I need to keep saying it so I don't forget how goodI feel when I eat right!
I have official measurements now and in 6 weeks I’ll see how I did after incorporating both Weight Watchers and a weight training program.  I have great expectations. We’ll see how I feel on Friday morning after my first workout with the weights!
Have a great week! I’ll check in with you on Sunday!


  1. Good luch with your new plan, and enjoy the challenge!

  2. I'm glad your weight training class went so well! :)

  3. Weight training is great! I love it to no end. Actually, I think that is what I will be doing this afternoon... either that or running, depending on the weather.

  4. Good for you! My austerity program has begun as well - not easy for a baker!

  5. Much luck! Sounds like a good start.