Monday, January 23, 2012

GOYB Week Three Update

Week 3 Update

This week I was sick, had two parties to attend, I was sick and well.. you get the idea.  What does all of my whining mean. Fortunately, I only missed one workout and am only up .6 - not too bad.

I did have a major achievement this week, I did not drink a single Diet Coke, not one! That is pretty huge for me. I wanted one the first couple of days but by the end of the week I didn't even miss it. Of course I was cranky and being sick made it worse but I persevered (and fortunately my friends and family have forgiven me my crankiness) and I am proud to say that I went the entire week without caffeine. The bonus of this is that I drank lots and lots of water!

This weeks challenge was to think of ways to stay on task. I am following Weight Watchers so I have their App on my phone, I track my food and activity daily. That helps a lot! If I don't track it I tend to forget. I also have a couple of pictures posted on the wall above my desk of things that inspire me. Clothes I like, things I like to do - for instance a picture of a kayaker on a lake, I love my kayak! I also have a graph that I am filling out monthly that shows my weight loss as well as inches lost. Because weight training can mess with the number on the scale I'm tracking my measurements. I took them on Jan 1st and will be taking them again on Feb 1st. I hope I see a difference!

So those are some of the things I do to stay on track.

I am looking forward to a good week!

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  1. I'd say sick is a reason, definitely not an excuse! Good job with the switch to water. I'm trying to switch to powerade as I knock my electrolytes out of whack too easily. Good luck this week!