Saturday, January 14, 2012

GOYB Fitness Challenge Update

I  had an emotional week. Lots of things for me to think about in my life but overall it was pretty good. Health wise I did very well. I am down to 1 diet soda a day and beginning Monday I will be saying goodbye to Diet Coke. Tears may be shed but I need to eliminate those chemicals from my diet.

I went to my weight training class on Tuesday and then again today. My work schedule is changing from 5 days a week to 4 -10 hour days, which I love, but I had to adjust my workout days to accommodate the later hours.

This week I was down 3.6 pounds - which made me very happy. I know that my weight loss will slow down and may even stop due to the weight training but as long as my clothes start to fit better I'll be OK with that.

On the weight training front, today I actually tripled my weights. Beginning a weight training program involves some experimentation in what you actually lift, weight wise, so I started out with small, baby weights. On Tuesday I will be adding more weight to my barbel since I am still not struggling too much. I guess if I can finish all of the sets I am not using enough weight - yikes!

Diet wise I did fairly well. I increased the amount of protein I am eating due to the weight training class, I drank LOTS of water everyday and also had plenty of fruits and veggies.

After 2 weeks I already feel better, my clothes are starting to fit better and my attitude is more upbeat, even with the emotional challenges that I had to face this week. So, that is good.

The mini challenge this week was to think about health and health issues that affect me, my fitness and my quality of life.

I am fortunate that my health is generally good. When I am heavier than I am right now my knees and back start to hurt. I joke that I know my maximum weight limit and based on whether or not my knees and back hurt I can tell if I have reached it. This week I am finally below that limit!

My knees are an issue for me. I am not able to do high impact exercise because my knees grew wrong, at least that is what the doctors told me when I was 17 and they wanted to operate after I got whacked in the knee by a field hockey stick. When I was young I was a runner and I played field hockey and surgery would have put me on the bench for the year. I wasn't a star player but I loved it so I vetoed that surgery. The knees only bother me if I do long term high impact stuff otherwise they do fine. As I lose weight I will experiment with a higher impact workout and see if it has been weight issues as an adult or if I just need to stick to low impact. Either way works for me.

Mentally, I am a stress eater so that is one of my main heath issues. When things upset me or I have emotional issues that I have to deal with then I am all about the chocolate. So, this week I was particularly proud that I only indulged my chocolate stress craving once. My plan of attack for this issue is to just be aware of it and have healthy chocolate snacks in the house.

Have a healthy, happy week!

BB my friends



  1. Congrats on the weight loss - that's fantastic. I went to a gym many, many years ago (there is no gym in the small town I live in now) - but I really enjoyed the weights. Much more that the cardio. I too am feeling positive this week and I'm sure it's a result of not putting so much processed food into my system. Have a really great week!

  2. That's a good loss for a week. I think I will up my weights this week, see how that goes. I am not much for struggling or pushing myself too hard - there are so many people pushing and pulling me, I don't need to add myself. ^^

  3. Good for you! I have been reading about eating for your body shape (I am an apple) and have added more protein. It has made a huge difference in me not feeling hungry or craving bad stuff.