Monday, November 13, 2017

Changes... They are Coming

Goodbye Snow!

This year has been full of changes. Between my guy losing his job and the stress of making sure we didn't lose our home, its been rough.

In October I wrote about a job interview that my guy had. A position that I believed had been out there waiting for him. A position I think he will thrive in. Today, he accepted the position and while it is all that we could have hoped for (and then some), it is going to change my life dramatically!

We will be leaving the state that I have lived in and loved for over 25 years and moving to Southern California. Fortunately we have family in the area so we won't be floating out there alone but... yikes!

I will be in transition for the next year. On a scale of 1-10, the initial thought of moving kicked my stress level up to about a 10,000 but now, I am starting to see the adventure in it. Yes, my life and location will be changing but on the bright side the shopping variety in my new area is astonishing, so is the variety of authentic cuisines.

The idea of buying a new home is daunting but we'll be looking for our forever home so we will be taking our time and finding something that is perfect for us. I will also be looking for a new job... double yikes! But again, I am not rushing into anything so I have time to find a job that suits me in location and hopefully will be something that I love.

The thought of making new friends is just a little scary. I have a loving, amazing group of friends here. They are my tribe, my family, my confidants and jesters and the get me. I will be here to see them often but I know that I will need to find ways to meet new people. To gather a new tribe and hopefully mesh the tribes together.

2017 has been a roller coaster ride for my family but things are looking up!!

I'm planning to blog as often as I can, so thanks for stopping by. I'll have some posts about how my magical self is doing through all of this soon!