Sunday, October 8, 2017


My Girls Sophie and Alice

So this year has been a blur and not in a good way. My significant other lost his job, he found a new job but he makes a lot less than he used to so things have been super tight financially... so what happened to us this year- my dog gots sick, my car had issues, my lovely daughter and her girlfriend decide to get married on Mabon (it was fabulous and I am so happy for them) and last but not least, my man ended up in the hospital and had to have surgery... yep this year has not been my favorite! With the exception of my daughter getting married to her love this year has been pretty awful.

I have missed my blog. I have missed my magical friends. I have continued my magical life but it has been a very long and stressful year.

With all of that said... I am looking forward to this month. I love Samhain, the cool weather, pumpkins, soup... yes, even pumpkin spice everything! My man has an interview tomorrow and I think this is the position that he has been in a holding pattern for. It is perfect for him... hopefully the powers that be thing so to ;0)

There is something in me that just knows these last months of 2017 will be so much better that the previous months have been.

I hope to see you around. I'm planning on being here more often now...


  1. I'm sorry it has been such a rough year!! Sending you big hugs and many blessings!
    I'm so happy of your daughter!! Many blessings to her and her love!
    Big Hugs!

  2. Wow, what a hard year! Except for the wedding! Sending hugs!