Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wintery Weather

I live in Northern Nevada, near Reno and about 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe. This week has been rough! We had flooding in Reno and the surrounding areas, lots of snow, ice, and now more snow. The mountain areas have had between 4 and 11 FEET of snow since Tuesday night, great for the ski resorts but a pain for people trying to get to and from work.

Yesterday I started my drive to work on 1/2 inch of ice. The roads were awful but by 4:00 pm ALL of the snow and ice had melted. I thought this morning would be a nice, dry drive - NOPE, I woke up to more snow. Since I am considered essential personnel at work I left early and made it to the office 1/2 hour before they told us to go home. It is supposed to snow until around 10:00 PM. I was really impressed that our central office staff were told to go home due to worsening weather and all too happy to oblige.

I love snow - when I go visit it up in the mountains but I really don't like having to drive it in with people who have no clue. I did see Karma in action several times and while that was sort of fun even I was glad to be off the roads and no longer a witness to mass stupidity! Dear Goddess, if you have a big truck the ice still rules, you can not stop on ice - Slow Down... just saying. I'm am always grateful that I drive a Jeep, especially in snow, but no matter what you drive you need to be cautions.

Anyway, now that I am home, safe and sound, I am thoroughly enjoying the snow. I made cookies for the family. The dogs and I have had some hot chocolate on the deck (Ok I had hot chocolate, they had a biscuit), we played in the snow and now I am going to settle in by the fire and read a book!

So this is what a snow day feels like!


  1. I think many of us who live in a warm climate only think about the nice things about snow!

  2. I love snow so much! I live in the northern part of Canada and enjoy it! So many people think I am crazy, but I think not! LOL! You are right about drivers, even around here, people are nuts!!! Gorgeous photos! Big Hugs!