Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon will be here on Saturday, January 23, 2016.

I love when the moon is full any time of year but during the cold winter months I like to sit by our fire pit with a roaring fire. The crisp winter air, the warmth of the fire and the bright light of the full moon make for a powerful evening.

The January moon is referred to as the Wolf moon or the Cold moon. It is a great time to focus on spells for protection, both physical and spiritual as well as personal problems.

This year I am going to take advantage of the Wolf (or Cold) moon and focus on what I want to accomplish this year as well as what I want to let go of and also on protecting myself, my family, and my home.  It never hurts to start off the year with safe guarding those you love.

Here are the Wolf Moon Correspondences:
  • Colors: Black, White, Silver, Blue-violet
  • Gemstones: Hematite, Jet, Onyx, Lead, Garnet, Chrysoprase
  • Trees: Birch, Hazel
  • Gods: Inanna, Freyja, Baby Yaga, Hera, Sarasvati, Ch’ang-I, Sinn
  • Herbs: Thistle, nuts and seeds, marjoram, snowdrop, crocus
  • Element: Air
  • Oils & Incense: Mimosa, Musk
  • Animals: Bear, Fox, Coyote
  • Nature Spirits: Gnomes, Brownies



  1. Great information! I wonder if Australia has our own version of these, I have never heard of any.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for this information! She was truly beautiful and powerful!

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