Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grow Your Blog Party - Welcome!

Welcome to Beneath the Witch’s Moon, my little part of the internet/cyberspace. I am so glad you stopped by. I have been organizing, cleaning and making all sorts of fun plans for the upcoming year.

This is my second year taking part in the Grow Your Blog Party. I am so thankful to Vicki over at 2 Bags Full for hosting this awesome event. Last year I found so many wonderful blogs to follow and even made a couple of friends during the party! After your visit here be sure to click on the picture above to be taken to the blog party page where you will find links to lots of cool blogs to explore.

I started Beneath the Witch’s Moon several years ago to connect with other like minded folks and to blog about my witchy experiences. Blogging has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve met amazing people from all walks of life, many different faiths and from all over the world! I have slowly become active with my local Pagan community, which was one of my very first goals, and I have been able to dispel some of the myths that are associated with my witchy faith.

I’m Autumnwind or Debbie, I do answer to both. I am mom to 4 amazing children, an artist, photographer, and a traveler when I am able to be. I have two Jack Russell/Mini American Eskimo Mix pups names Sophie and Alice who are feisty and full of fun. My home is in Nevada close to Lake Tahoe and Northern California. I love the natural beauty of this area and try to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

My blog’s original focus was on my witchy experiences. Over the years it has changed a bit. Last year I tried to do too much and failed so this year I will be getting back to my roots and focusing on my adventures, my art and magical living.

On Witchy Wednesdays I’ll be posting about all things witchy. Currently I am re-posting my witchy Green Cleaning Series. You can check out the first two posts here and here. I plan on posting two Wednesdays a month on Witchy things. These posts will be varied and can include information on the Tarot, Pagan Holidays, Spells, Myths and much more. My intent is that my Wednesdays are full of witchy fun.

On Artsy Monday’s I’ll be showcasing some of the artsy/crafty projects that I am working on. I enjoy figurative sculpture and have take part in many a doll swap. These swaps challenge me artistically and are just plain fun! I also sew, do embroidery work, scrapbook, and basically just love to create. So you’ll see things from those aspects of my life as well. If I find a useful tool or product I’ll share my experiences with it and I have several tutorials in the works including one on making a clay pumpkin head figure. I hope to post at least once a month on these topics as well.

Here is one of the Zombie Doll’s I created for a swap. 
She is based on The Old Woman who Lived in the Shoe nursery rhyme.

You’ll see posts on my adventures including my travels, hiking and also some of my kayaking excursions. I love to try new things, below is me gold panning. I loved the experience though the specks of gold I found are so tiny I have to keep them in a jar so I don't lose them!

Me Gold Panning in Northern California

You'll also see blog parties because I love them! I have participated in Mad Tea’s, Haunted Party’s, Oz parties and more. These parties inspire me to create and then inspire me again as I see what others have created!!

One of the Mad Tea Parties

I hope you enjoyed your visit and will stick around for a while. As you can see, my blog is an eclectic little space. I have enjoyed meeting so many new people and hope to get to know you too!

Leave a comment to be entered into my giveaway. I’ll be giving away this embroidered mug rug and a mug of goodies to one randomly drawn person. You do not need to be a follower to win. Winner will be announced on February  15th


  1. Good morning Debbie, so glad to meet you and welcome to the party. Your blog has many fun and interesting things happening. Your mug rug is just adorable, and panning for cold-how cool!
    I am one of Vicki's helpers and we welcome you to the party-have fun!
    Kathyinozarks (Kathy)

  2. Hi, I am visiting through the blog party. I had to laugh when I saw your zombie old woman in the shoe doll...I have helped to raise many children and there have been times I have felt just like she looks! I have a pagan belief although it is more druid based and less wicca. I love to be out doors as you do. I am following your blog and would love to have you come over to visit my blog and follow if you would like.

    1. Greetings! You are the winner of my Grow Your Blog party gift!! If you could email me your mailing address to AutumnWindReno @ I'll get your goodies mailed out to you :0)

  3. Hi just dropped by to say hello, I am enjoying your green cleaning series and trying out some ot the ideas.
    Many thanks

  4. I went gold panning once but we didn't even find flecks. Oh well!

  5. Just thought I'd pop in and say hi, I've been following your blog for a while now and I definitely love the different things you do!

  6. Hello, its nice knowing more about what you do, and learning about your blog. I started following you recently. I'm happy with what I have seen so far.

  7. I am joining you from Vicki's GYB party. I poked around long enough so I am following you on Bloglovin. I am fascinated by what you make. Extremely creative.
    Jean in Berlin (French Oddities)

  8. You throw a great party. Thank you for inviting me!

    So that you know, I've become a Follower and when time permits, I'll be back to see what other beautiful things were made by your hands!

    What this party is all about is to GROW your blog and I'm hoping to do the same. When you get to Section One, check out A Country Chic Retreat and SuZeQ Creations, my personal blog, in Section Fifteen I'd love for you to follow and subscribe to.

    Happy crafting!

  9. What an interesting blog you have. There are so many things to see and learn here-- I know I'll be back. Came here from Vicki's blog party

  10. Glad to have my blogreading broadened through the hop!

    alexis at

  11. Good to meet you and learn a little about you!
    I'm visiting from the UK

  12. Nice to meet you. I'm visiting via GYB from St. John's, NL Canada.

  13. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by!! I am visiting parties this week and can't wait to check out everyone's party :0)

  14. Hi AutumnWind, so nice to meet you and hear what you are up to. While I'm not pagan I'm interested in spirituality. Enjoy the blog party! Susan

  15. Visiting from GYB, you have an interesting mix of subjects on your blog. That mug rug is really cute. Thanks for being a part of the hop.