Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resolutions for the New Year - Sort Of

Rio Grand

As 2014 draws to a close I, and so many others, look to the New Year and make resolutions that will hopefully make it better than the last year.

2014 was pretty good to me. I've been busy creatively, I've been able to celebrate the Wheel of the Year at home with my family and this Yule I was able to connect with my local Pagan community and share a meal and a celebration with them. IT WAS FABULOUS! My goal of becoming more spiritual was one that I have enjoyed working on all year.

As I was reviewing my resolutions for 2014 I found that they are very much the same things that I will be working on in 2015.

Purge – I've already started the New Year cleaning frenzy of my studio and it has made a huge difference in the feel of the room. I can find things! Seriously, that is awesome!

Live Healthier – this is the one area of my life that got derailed. In April I injured my leg, then a couple of week s after that healed I injured my arm. I stopped going to the gym regularly and it shows! 2015 will be better. I've learned ways to reduce the risk of injury and have started working out at home with plans to hit the gym on Friday (I am sleeping in tomorrow – got to keep it realistic :0) I will be re-posting my Witchy Green Cleaning Series beginning the first Wednesday in January. I have been using these homemade cleaning produces for two years now. My house is clean, smells great and my hands look so much better than they used to!

Journal – I am not an everyday journaler but I enjoy the written word. I love how writing things down can make them untangle – when I have a problem I am dealing with I write it down then use the free form writing style from The Artist’s Way and write non-stop for 3 full pages every morning. In a couple of days I can usually figure out my problem!

Explore – I love to explore. I joined a hiking group this past year and will be joining them again in 2015. I visited so many beautiful places because of this group. I also got to see New Mexico with my best friend. Amazing state, beautiful area! This year we’ll be exploring somewhere new. I can’t wait!
Connect with Nature - I’ll be taking my Kayak out more in 2015. I am lucky enough to live near Lake Tahoe and several other lakes and this year I am going to explore them from the water. I want to see the Osprey nests, the pelicans and the many other amazing things that my area has to offer.

The past year has been very fruitful for me creatively! I've branched out in my craft and I have taken a giant leap outside of my comfort zone and have started selling my work – yay! I am so grateful to have this passion, this fabulous creative outlet. It makes other, not so fun areas of my life bearable! So once again I plan on creating more and stressing less. My day job is stressful. There’s nothing I can do about that. It is what it is and since I need a job (and I actually like what I do) I will work with what I have to make sure that the stresses of my day do not spill over into the time I have with my family and friends. Art helps!

Other then getting my butt to the gym these things are easy to work into my life. Getting to the gym is something that I have to do to make sure that I can enjoy my life so off the gym I’ll be heading!
So these are my resolutions plans for 2015. I think they will help me continue to become the person I want to be.

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