Saturday, May 31, 2014

An Unexpected Hiker

Brown Bear

I am taking part in a trail challenge in my area. For a nominal fee I received a digital booklet of the local parks department trails as well as a challenge log. My employer will reimburse me my challenge fee if I complete at least 5 hikes on my own or 3 guided hikes and if I complete 5 hikes then I also get a trails challenge t-shirt which I must have! Since I love to be outdoors and also to hike this is going to be easy peasy!

Today was the first guided hike I went on, it was interesting, informative and lots of fun! The hike was at a much slower pace than I would do alone but I learned a lot about the history of the area and I even found a local spot for hemlock!

About half way through we say the above brown bear coming down the side of a hill near us. Fortunately our large group was not interesting to him and he followed the trail ahead of us then ran across the meadow. It was AWESOME to see this beautiful creature.

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  1. This sounds fantastic!!! I love the bear photo ;o) Hugs ;o)