Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Prayers and Healthy Thoughts Please

Greetings my friends,

I wasn’t going to say anything but then I realized that the more people who are thinking good, healthy thoughts for me the better, so , this afternoon I am heading in to the Dr. to find out what is going on with my leg. I have a small lump and my leg is aching. I am an active person and recognize what a pulled muscle feels like and this ain’t that! So, I would appreciate all prayers and healthy thoughts you can offer!

While I am generally a “Glass is Half Full” kind of girl, when it comes to my health I tend to freak out over the tiniest things. So, since I have an ache that won’t go away and a lump I, of course, automatically think the worst :0)

I will update with the results as soon as I know. Hopefully I will be telling you all that I was an idiot and that it is nothing – fingers crossed! Once I find out, regardless of the diagnosis, I will be back here and posting again.

So please think healthy thoughts for me and if you pray I would really appreciate a prayer or two!




  1. Sending you healing prayers and lighting a candle for you! Big hugs ;o)

  2. Thank you! So far I am just frustrated with my Dr. He is new to me - my previous physician of 20 years retired. He seems to like to treat symptoms rather than find the cause. Grrr. I am on an anti inflamatory for a week. He mentioned putting me on Lyrica (sp?) if this drug doesn't help! NOT. I'll am not going on serious pain medication until I KNOW what is causing the problem. Thank you for your prayers and fof lighting a candle for me. I truly appreciate it!

    1. I truly hope everything gets sorted out!

  3. of course you have my healing thoughts and also patience for dealing with (my least fave people) the doctor. Om alinda

  4. Thank you Omalinda! I appreciate it. I am feeling better and have the name of a good doctor whom I'll be meeting with next month.