Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Prayers and Healthy Thoughts Please

Greetings my friends,

I wasn’t going to say anything but then I realized that the more people who are thinking good, healthy thoughts for me the better, so , this afternoon I am heading in to the Dr. to find out what is going on with my leg. I have a small lump and my leg is aching. I am an active person and recognize what a pulled muscle feels like and this ain’t that! So, I would appreciate all prayers and healthy thoughts you can offer!

While I am generally a “Glass is Half Full” kind of girl, when it comes to my health I tend to freak out over the tiniest things. So, since I have an ache that won’t go away and a lump I, of course, automatically think the worst :0)

I will update with the results as soon as I know. Hopefully I will be telling you all that I was an idiot and that it is nothing – fingers crossed! Once I find out, regardless of the diagnosis, I will be back here and posting again.

So please think healthy thoughts for me and if you pray I would really appreciate a prayer or two!




  1. Sending you healing prayers and lighting a candle for you! Big hugs ;o)

  2. Thank you! So far I am just frustrated with my Dr. He is new to me - my previous physician of 20 years retired. He seems to like to treat symptoms rather than find the cause. Grrr. I am on an anti inflamatory for a week. He mentioned putting me on Lyrica (sp?) if this drug doesn't help! NOT. I'll am not going on serious pain medication until I KNOW what is causing the problem. Thank you for your prayers and fof lighting a candle for me. I truly appreciate it!

  3. of course you have my healing thoughts and also patience for dealing with (my least fave people) the doctor. Om alinda

  4. Thank you Omalinda! I appreciate it. I am feeling better and have the name of a good doctor whom I'll be meeting with next month.