Friday, February 7, 2014

C is for Corellian Wicca: A Pagan Blog Project Post

Corellian Wicca

For as long as I can remember my spiritual path has been different than most of the people I know. I was raised in an Irish Catholic family with quite a few magical “gifts” – most of my family is magical but we didn’t discuss it when I was little, it just “was” what is was. While I always felt a little out of step in the Catholic  faith (I didn't hate it, I just didn't feel it). it wasn’t until my mid-teens when I started exploring other spiritual belief systems that I started to find my way. As I got older I identified myself as a solitary, eclectic witch/pagan/wiccan. Just so you know, those terms are NOT interchangeable.  Not all wiccans are witches but some are… etc.

Anyway, while surfing the internet one lazy Sunday afternoon I came across a search result for Witch School. I had nothing going on that day so I checked it out.

Witch School is just what it says it is. A school about magic and witchcraft with the added benefit of a “degree” program in the Corellian Wiccan tradition. It is serious business. The school is active in the world wide religious community and I’m not just talking about the Pagan community. The courses are informative and there are mentors to help you as you work through the material. The 1st degree program is designed to take a year and a day which is the traditional amount of time for this type of commitment.  There are study groups, assignments, essays, lots of information and a serious final exam. Then of course there are the 2nd and 3rd degree programs which carry additional weight both in the tradition and legally. For instance, a 3rd degree Clergy member is able to perform legal wedding ceremonies.

Still, being a solitary, eclectic for so long I wasn’t sure I wanted to actually study a formal path until I read the following about the Corellian belief on the Divine Spirit and how we perceive it:

“We often compare Deity to a diamond with many facets; each name or image for Deity is like one facet on the diamond. Each facet may be considered separately and all are beautiful in themselves, but all are aspects of the single stone.

Wicca believes that Deity comes to each person in the way that is best understood by that person, and that this is different for different people. Wicca believes that the relationship between a person and Deity is highly individual, personal, and subjective. Not everyone will have the same understanding of Deity, because not everyone is in the same place, or able to understand from the same level or perspective. Because of this no one has a right to judge another person’s relationship with Deity, because each person is different. This is why we respect all the names and forms that have been used to through the centuries -Deity needs them all in order to come to all people in the way they can best understand.”

Please keep in mind that this is from the Corellian Wicca First Degree Handbook, this is a philosophy of this tradition and I am not speaking for all Wiccan or Pagan traditions.  The above statement was exactly what I have felt for as long as I can remember.  This is why I have chosen to study this tradition. Last year I completed the first degree course work and this month I am submitting my application for my First Degree Clergy status. Beginning in April (my birthday month) I will hopefully start the 2nd Degree program.

I believe that people come to their religious and spiritual beliefs for many different reasons and as long as they get strength and comfort from their connection to the Divine regardless of the name they refer to the Divine as – then I say is YAY!

Studying the Corellian tradition has deepened my connection with the Divine/God, with nature and with my family and friends. I rarely talk about my religious affiliation but for this Pagan Blog Project post I thought I would venture into these waters. You will hear a lot more about spells and witchy stuff than religion on this blog. I hope you learned a little tiny bit about Corellian Wicca.

If you would like to learn more feel free to send me an email at or check out You can also click on the picture above to visit the website.

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  1. Interesante tu post. Siempre es bueno buscar el camino espiritual.
    Me gusto tu blog.
    Saludos desde Chile

  2. From what I've read about the Correlian tradition, I've seen that it appropriates a fair bit of its material from First Nations people. In your studies have you encountered any awkward moments where you question if it's correct for you to practice what can arguably be called the spiritual equivalent of redface?

  3. Wow James, I am not sure I understand why you would consider the Corellian tradition the spiritual equivalent of redface. None of the information I have read, and I've read a lot, have ever been so vulgar or intolerant. You may want to do a bit more research on the tradition before insulting it. How sad that you felt the need to denigrate something that I believe in just to make a questionable point about a tradition that you obviously don't know too much about.

  4. Greetings Maru, Thank you for stopping by and checking out the post and for you comment :)

  5. Que bonito soy Carlos de Venezuela, y soy sacerdote de primer grado de wicca correllian aquí en mi país, ante tenia mi santuario witan, pero tuve que dejarlo por problema personales pero sigo con mis estudio de segundo grado. Bendita seas Autumn wind