Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Changing Things up a Bit!

I spent the last few days reviewing my blog so that I could have a nice post for the Grow Your Blog blog party this month and what I found is that I like most of the content just not how haphazard I post it. So I am going to try something new for 2014. We'll see how it goes as the year goes on.

My goal is to post certain things on certain days, for instance, On Fridays I'll be posting my Pagan Blog Project posts, on Wednesday (starting today!) I'll be re-posting my Witchy Green Cleaning series to start and then other home and hearth type posts and on Mondays I'll be posting artsy and DIY types things. I won't be posting 3 times every week and I am sure I'll post other things on these days as well but my plan is to step it up a bit and organize my little corner of cyberspace.

So keep an eye out for Artsy Mondays, Witchy Green Wednesdays, and Pagan Fridays this year. I am excited by this idea and hopefully that excitement will make my blog more fun and even informative.


  1. I admire your enthusiasm :) I get excited about being organized too, good luck with everything and happy 2014! (just going over to have a nosy at your witch green post now) x

  2. Thanks Heidi, I have been busy planning out post topics so that I have something to turn to when I get bogged down with the craziness that is usually my life ;)