Friday, January 24, 2014

B is for Book of Shadows - A Pagan Blog Project Post

I have always been fascinated with the written word. In fact I can’t image my life without my books. Since I was very small I have written things, lists, stories, doodles, more lists, you get the picture. Well, with my book of Shadows, the most important book in my witchy life, I don’t have a book I have digital files.

My personal view of the Book of Shadows is that it makes up the life experiences of a witch. It is a place where you write your spells and the results you had with them, the date you use them, the materials you used, your expected and hoped for results and the actual results – if any. A place to mark down the phase of the moon, the time of the year and any other important information that can affect the results of magical work. A Book  of Shadows is similar to a scientist's journal but way cooler - well, at least in my opinion!

It is a place for the witch to keep all of the important information they have gathered and experienced within their craft. A place to keep their notes, their preferences, correspondences, and anything else that has to do with their magical life. I keep the moon phases, information on the Wheel of the Year, magical correspondences of herbs and stones, and pretty much anything else I come across that I want to remember or use in my magical life.

Here is the Book of Shadows from the TV show Charmed –this is the coolest looking book, all sorts of artwork and spells, history, lore and just plain cool stuff!

Here is one that I found on Etsy, click on the picture to visit the page for the book or click here to visit the Etsy shop.

Here is one more – Swoon! Again, click on the picture to visit the book’s page and click here to visit the shop. 

I have several binders full of information and LOTS of digital files. While this is great and I can easily find what I want in my digital Book of Shadows, I still really like the feel of a book. I like a place to write down my experiences. Personally I feel that the written word is stronger and more powerful than one that is typed  - that is not to say that the information in my digital files is insufficient, I just prefer the written word so recently I signed up for a Binding your Book of Shadows class through Witch School. Witch School is a wonderful place for individuals to learn about Wiccan practices among other magical things. If you get a chance check it out here.

The class I signed up for has just started so I don’t have anything to show you except the very the beginnings of my book.

Here is the parchment style paper I will be using when I print the information to add to my bound book. I have several sections lined up but have not decided on the order yet. I will be printing the pages on a laser printer and then adding additional color and art as I see fit. Some of them will be printed with artwork but many of them will be plain. I'll be hand writing all of my spells into the book. Handwriting is important, and I believe it is a powerful thing to use!

Here are some of the sections that will be in my new Book of Shadows:

Spells –This will be broken down by type
Magical Meals
Casting a Circle
Candle Magic
The Moon
Folk Lore and Faerie Tales

I am working on finding the artwork I want to use on the main section pages, if I am going to have a bound Book of Shadows it has to be something that has meaning to me. When I hand this book down to one of my grandchildren  I want them to love it, whether they are magical or not!


  1. Good morning and welcome to the Grow Your Blog party. I am Kathy of Kathyinozarks and am one of Vicki's helpers-greeters.
    Enjoy the party!

  2. oooh this will be wonderful, AutumnWind.

    I have a WHACK of digital files as well in my BoS but I long for a stained and well used hand written version. And to actually make it and bind it myself would be even ... more delicious.

    I HAVE begun a new(ish) artjournal that I call The Night Ravings. It is where I am recording... moon work... dreams... and all things magical that drift into my life. Not QUITE a BoS but... I'm loving it.

    So glad I've found you.

    1. ps - Witch School looks fascinating. I'm trying this year to NOT sign up for too many classes and what not, but...... This is TEMPTING!