Saturday, October 19, 2013

Broomsticks on the Bayou Blog Party and a Giveaway!!

Welcome to my Broomsticks on the Bayou blog party. Thanks to Frosted Petunias and Incipient Wings for hosting such a fun party!

Recently I did a swap over at Yarnigras Swapper Spot for a Voodoo Doll Pincushion. Whenever I create something new I have to do a wee bit of research. Research for me is one of the easiest ways to get my creative fires lit. During my research I found Voodoo Dolls on Etsy and Ebay, in Voodoo shops and in the Louvre!

 Here is the amazing Voodoo doll pincushion I received in that swap. You can read more about that here.

Here is the other pincushion I received in that swap. 
Notice the Voodoo doll that is attached to the front! So cute!

Researching the Voodoo dolls was not only informative; it was just plain old fun! I was amazed to see the variety of Voodoo dolls currently available. I am not going to discuss the practice of Voodoo, I am just going to show you some of the stunning Voodoo Dolls that I saw!

Here are some of the most interesting Voodoo Dolls I found, click on the image to be taken to the shop that sells that particular doll:

From Bijoux Bayou on Etsy

From Michalinaeisenberg on Etsy

From BehindTheRowsStudio on Etsy

From - From Grams House on Etsy

Here is a fun little guy that was given to me by a friend. These wrapped string dolls seem to be everywhere right now!
From a friend

While the above are mainly (but not only) artistic and/or fun, I also found a Voodoo shop that is located in the heart of New Orleans and has an amazing variety of Voodoo Dolls, Gris Gris, Potions and so much more available. The shop is called, what else, The Voodoo Shop. Here is one set of dolls from the many they have available. 

Aren't these lovely. Click on the picture to visit the site and learn more about them.

The one Voodoo doll that I came across that I was most intrigued with was a 4th century AD, historical Voodoo doll found in Egypt and currently housed in the Louvre in Paris. This particular doll was found in a terracotta vase along with a binding spell. When I first saw this picture I thought that the person represented by the doll sure did make someone angry! Can you imagine finding yourself represented as a Voodoo doll! Yikes! If you click on this picture it will take you to the Wiki site with information on the picture and the doll  itself.

Now, how about a giveaway… As those of you who follow me know, I have a really spectacular embroidery sewing machine and one of my favorite places to get embroidery designs – Urban Threads just happens to have an awesome Voodoo doll pattern. Here is the one that I made...


Since I am celebrating the art of the Voodoo doll I will be giving away this awesome doll (along with a couple of silly surprises) to a randomly drawn person on Halloween!

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is follow my blog (if you don’t already that is) and leave me a comment.  You must be a follower to win.

For additional entries you can:
Post about my give away on your blog linking back to this post
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If you post on your blog or tweet, post the info in the comments or click here to email me so that I can add your additional entries to the drawing.

Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to check out the Broomsticks on the Bayou page to see who else is celebrating with us today!

And the comment chosen as the winner is...

The winner is PlumFieldHouseGardens. Congratulations!! Email me with your mailing information and I will get you VooDoo doll mailed off to you! Thank you for stopping by my party!

**NOTE** I am not sure if the email link is working correctly so please email me at AutumnWindReno at Aol. com


  1. what a great post!!
    i have one of those little wrapped dolls!
    they're all so many different styles.
    your little giveaway doll is adorable!
    thank you for this.

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  3. Great party, love the info, I love your doll, I think better than the others, the Egytian one is really amazing! Please come and visit my party:

  4. What a wonderful collection of voodoo dolls - and yours is just the cutest!
    I am now a follower, and here's my party link:

  5. How interesting. I found my one and only voodoo doll at the local charity thrift store. I was hoping to share it at this party but technology was not my friend this past week.
    I am a follower and would love to win another!

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  7. What a cute post! I love all the voodoo dolls, and your doll that you're giving away is so cute! I hope I win! I'm your newest follower. Please visit my party! I'm also hosting a giveaway for my 1,000th post.

    Laissez les bon temps roulez!!!
    Ricki Jill
    Art @ Home

  8. Great collection of dolls! I have to tell you, I saw that doll in the Louvre in person when I was in Paris several years ago. It totally creeped me out!

  9. Really enjoyed perusing all the different dolls... love the design of yours, especially his devilish little tail!

  10. I just love blog parties because it helps me to discover so many wonderful blogs like yours. I end up having a long list to read but I sure enjoy them all. Thanks for having us and hope to see you at the Cottage.
    Hugs and Sparkles

  11. Fabulous post, love all the different types of voodoo dolls. i am fascinated with them and you gave me lots of new ideas. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  12. Fabulous post and so interesting. I didn't know much about voodoo dolls but now I feel like I know where to start a search to learn more. Great collection of voodoo doll images.

    Wonderful Broomsticks post.


  13. Thanks for stopping by! I am off to visit more parties tonight. This one has been so much fun to be a part of! Don't forget to check back on Halloween to see if you won!

  14. Love your post! I feel like I just went through a fabulous voodoo shop in the French Quarter. These little dolls are kind of addicting aren't they? The one you made is too adorable. Thank you so much for coming to the party and for sharing this great collection :)


  15. Love your post, thank you for sharing all these voodoo dolls! I have one a friend brought me back from Haiti and I'm sort of enamored of AND leery of it.