Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zombies in Wonderland Update

I can't stand it anymore! I need to share a picture of the sweet (?) zombie I sent off to my partner. I just checked and he is out for delivery. So here he is. A Hatter in Zombieland

He stands right around 9 inches tall and is made from polymer clay. He is fully poseable and can be easily taken off his stand (actually he isn't on his stand in the box).

As you can see he's done quite a bit of damage in Wonderland, the Jabberwocky didn't fare too well but the Hatter has a great cane!

I hope his new mom loves him as much as I do! He was very hard for me to send off to his new home.

If you like swapping your creations you really should check out Yarnigras Swapper Spot, the next swap is a Voodoo Doll pin cushion - how can you resist?

I have one more project heading out this week, to the winner of my Mad Tea Party drawing, Kathy, I am super pleased with the final result of your gift. It will be heading to you on Monday morning due to my schedule this week but your gift is done and ready to head to it's new home. I'll send you the tracking # Monday morning! I think you'll be pleased!


  1. Debbie, I never thought a zombie would bring me to tears...well, unless he was chomping on my limbs!
    Hatter is amazingly beautiful (yes, I said it.)
    I love him SO MUCH! I cannot wait to put him in my pumpkin patch next week. Thank you SO MUCH!

  2. You are so welcome! The only reason I could send him on his way was because I knew he would be in a good home!! Thanks for hosting such an awesome swap.