Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yarni Gras! Annual Ornament Swap

One of the things I was able to accomplish this weekend was to complete the ornaments for Yarni Gras! Annual Ornament Swap. Here is the glitter Santa ornament I made. These ornaments are stunning in person. They are a deep rich red and they shimmer in the light. They are fairly simple (though messy) to make. What you'll need:

·         Red ink - I used Stampin' Up!'s Real Red re-inker
·         Fine cut iridescent glitter (I used Stampin' Up!'s Dazzling Diamonds)
·         Flat Christmas Ornament (available at most craft and Hobby stores)
·         Black grosgrain ribbon
·         Glitter paper
·         Rubber Gloves
·         Funnel
·         Tiny cups (to drain excess ink and glitter into)
1) Carefully remove silver ornament cap and set aside.
2) Pour approximately 20 - 25 drops of ink into the ornament.
3) Slowly rotate ornament to coat inside with ink. Do not shake.
4) Once inside is completely coated, drain excess ink into small paper cup.
5) Place funnel into the ornament top then pour some glitter into the ornament.
6) Cover top of ornament with gloved finger and shake to coat inside of ornament with glitter
7) Dump excess glitter into another small cup
8) Let dry and then put cap back on the ornament.
9) Glue black grosgrain ribbon around center or ornament.
10) Cut buckle shape from glitter cardstock and glue onto ribbon
11) Tie bow around ornament cap
12) Enjoy
If you are making several of these you can re-use the excess ink and glitter. Just keep pouring it into the same cups until you have enough to use.

Of course every Santa needs his reindeer so I also made a silly candy cane reindeer to go with each Santa. I have great memories of making these deer out of real candy canes with my kids when they were young and when I saw these plastic candy canes I had to get them!
If you haven't checked out Yarni Gras! blog yet you really should. She hosts some fantastic swaps.


  1. oh wow, those are GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see them in person. I'm busy making some ornaments today myself.

  2. Thanks, They are on their way to you!