Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful Journey

I have seen a lot of people writing about things they are thankful for. Each day they list something and will do so for the entire month of November. I like the idea, I think it is nice to recognize things to be thankful for rather than focus on things you want.

While I am not able to post daily, I'd like to post a couple of things that I am thankful for:

The Goddess - my spiritual journey has been tied to the Goddess for as long as I can remember. I find strength through the path that I have chosen and know that it is the right one for me.

My family - without their support and love I would not be able to be the person that I am nor would I be willing to stretch my creativity in the many ways that I have. They watch me as I grow as an artist, as an athlete, as a friend and more they engage in what I do. My boyfriend and children often come in to the studio to see "What strange thing Mom is working on"; they share their ideas and let me bounce ideas off of them. They support me as I create, as I explore, as I try and especially when I fail.

My friends - wow, where do I start? I have the most amazing friends. A while back I went through some pretty dramatic, life altering things and when I came out the other side of that dark time the friends that were standing with me were the best there are, full of love and strength, supporting me when I need them and leaning on me when needed. The people I count as friends are amazing. While they may not always understand or even approve of something that I do they will be there to support me or tell me I am a dumb ass, but they don't judge, they don't lie and they don't talk about each other or me. They tell it to me straight, they laugh, they love and they create. I am stronger for having them as my friends and my life is so much richer because they are in it!

Lastly, right now, I am so thankful for my art, my ability to create and share some of the things inside my head. I am thankful that I have the ability to create and the time, energy and space to delve into the many mediums that I work in.

To my family and friends, to the Goddess and creativity, thank you! My life would be empty without you.