Friday, November 30, 2012

In the Studio

I am back in my studio this week but this time I am working on a costume for the Reno Santa Pub Crawl. This year they expect to have about 7000 (yes, seven thousand) Santa’s roaming the downtown Reno area.  I will be one of them!
I love to sew and when I sew, since I am a punk rocker at heart, I often sew to really loud music.  My guy laughs when he hears me sewing to Nine Inch Nails or Rise Against. Sewing is a completely different outlet for me than sculpting. When I am sculpting I tend to listen to more melodic music, Telesma and Wendy Rule top that list, but when the sewing machine is running, fast passed, loud, guttural music just makes me happy.
 I have a Santa Suit, it’s cute but this year I needed to step it up so I am making a cute little camisole to go under the jacket. Dancing in a full Santa suit gets hot, this way I can take the jacket off and still be “in costume”.
Here is the Santa suit I currently have – this was a couple of years ago and it was lots of fun!

Here is the pattern I am using to make the shirt

This is my Scarlett O’Hara curtain shirt to test for size – I didn’t use curtains to make it, I used left over fabric from the curtains I made for my kitchen J so it is kind of a curtain shirt.

Here are the trimmings. The shirt matches the suit and will have the same white furry trim. Additionally it will have a black leatherette belt with that cool diamond shaped button in the center instead of a buckle.
 I hope to have it done this weekend so I can make any changes that need to be made before the 15th.
I'll post pictures of the final shirt once it is finished.

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