Saturday, November 10, 2012

In the Studio

This weekend I am finishing an elf and a woodland fairy for the Gray Eagle Fine Arts Festival. My polymer clay group has a booth there (this is the first time polymer clay will be featured at this juried show) and I really would like to have a couple of finished pieces in it!
I have the heads sculpted, they have been done for over a year, in fact I am pretty sure I have posted pictures of them here before, and this weekend I hope to finish them.
My elf is a sweet little guy with a freckled face and a strong jaw. He’ll be sporting a jingle belled hat and wearing earthy themed clothes, I have some crushed green velvet type material but he scoffed at it!
The woodland fairy is a companion to him. She is a feisty little thing with deep green eyes and a hint of a smile. She also scoffed at the velvet. We’ll see what she thinks as I dress her. She will be getting a wreath headdress full of berries and ribbons and filmy wings to match - maybe.

Here are some of the supplies I have laid out. Today I’ll be sculpting hands and feet and fleshing out their bodies. These sculptures have soft bodies which cover a poseable wire armature and the I hand sculpt the head, hands and feet. Their costumes are designed and made by me as well. These are truly one of a kind! I have only parted with a couple of my pieces. For a while it was because they just were not good enough to give away, seriously, only a mother could love my earlier work, but I have since given or traded a few but always with someone I feel confident will care for them well.
When you put your heart into a figure, something that you have breathed life into from a simple block of clay, you really want their new family to love them as much as you do. As I venture into the market of selling my work I realize that this may not always be the case. With this show, I may just have to put a steep price tag on these little guys until I am ready to take that chance…
I’ll let you know how it goes and post some progress pictures along the way

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