Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zombie Storybook Doll Sneak Peek… Kinda, Sorta

This is a cross post for the Zombie Storybook Doll Swap being hosted by Yarnigras.

 I am having such a great time with this swap! I love dolls, all kinds of dolls and fairytale/storybook dolls are such a delight. There are so many interpretations of their stories that you can really let your creativity run wild when you are creating one and when you add in the zombie aspect… well how can you go wrong??
Since I want my little storybook doll’s new mama to be surprised I am only going to show you a couple of pictures, we can’t have her miss the thrill of discovering the doll created specifically for her.
Something I’ve found quite enjoyable is that as I have been creating this sweet little doll I didn’t have to worry about the “pretty” factor. Usually I am trying for something feminine, and that doesn’t always work, this time I have the Zombie factor to work with and boy has it been fun! Blood and gore, no worries about a crooked, well, anything. Whatever I do works! I am almost finished costuming her and then I get to zombify her clothes, what fun!
I can’t wait to show you what I’ve done… here are a couple of pictures to show you a little bit of the work that has been going on…

some of the supplies

Making a pattern

She really needs a new manicure

My family is a little worried about me, lately when I am working in the studio they overhear crazy laughter and mumblings of blood and bones, torn skin and braaains…

Thanks for checking her out, I’ll post a picture of the complete doll at the end of the month once she has arrived at her new home.

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  1. Thanks for the idea but i want to learn how to make my own Doll to use in my experimental love spell voodoo but can you help me how to start it?