Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Zombie Doll has Arrived

My Zombies in Storybook Land swap doll has arrived and all I can say is - I’m not worthy J. She is amazing. My swap partner chose to create Cinderella in Zombie form and since I have no words that are adequate enough here are some pictures:

The Box

Cinderella Zombie - She's holding her leg!! How cool is that!

Fantastic, Amazing, beautiful!!

The whole package of goodies I received!!
That cool little box in the back is full of gummy fingers and chocolates!

Coolest Journal EVER!

Thank you to my amazing swap partner Sarah of Sarahella After Midnight for a stunning doll and an amazing box of goodies!!

Tomorrow I will share with you the Little Red Riding Hood Zombie I sent to Sarah.


  1. What a fantastic package to get in the mail!

  2. oh I am so jealous of your zombie! Yours is beautifully made...just gorgeously ghoulish!