Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fitness and Health Update

Yippee! The work is FINALLY paying off. Every year the company I work for requires us to get a “Health Screening” to qualify for a reduction in our health care premium – totally worth the time to do and the information I get on my health is invaluable.  This year they were offering FREE cholesterol, blood sugar and body fat % tests as well as a free Flu Shot. Now I am not one who is usually excited about getting blood sucked out of me or getting shots for that matter, but since I have a family history of high cholesterol I normally pay for that test every year and I really wanted to know my body fat percentage. I know, sounds like a bad idea, especially since I have only lost 5 pounds since January BUT I wanted to know anyway.  I am still waiting on the blood work but...

Drum roll please… my time at the gym is definitely paying off to the tune of a total body fat reduction of over 10% since January - YES! I still have a little ways to go to get to what is considered a healthy range but I am so much healthier than I was!
The cool thing is that I really like working out now. I actually get up at 4:00 AM (seriously and yes I am a morning person) and head over to the gym. I have noticed changes in my body, the flying squirrel flaps that were threatening to go wild on my arms are gone, I have biceps that you can see and I am much stronger that I was in January. I am at the gym 3-4 days a week and loving it!
The next step on my get healthy plan is to actually, really, truly, follow the Weight Watchers plan. I half-ass it and have pretty much maintained my weight while toning up, not too bad but I want more. I want to head into the Doctor’s office in January and redo that body fat test and see another 5 – 7 % gone! I am building a better, healthier me and I feel great.
One step at a time…


  1. Gosh... I wish I did love strength training. That's something I really only do because I know the health benefits, and tend to skip quite frequently. Running etc., on the other hand...

    Congratulations on losing that fat! You know, we like the weight coming from muscle, even as girls. ^^