Sunday, June 17, 2012

Alice Sculpture Update


Summer is just breezing by and wowza have I been busy! Since I had a couple of spare moments I wanted to share where I am on at least one of my previously mentioned projects. This is Alice, she is borrowing the crown while she waits for me to finish her costume. She may end up with it in the end, I was planning on making her a top hat and titling this sculpt - " A Gift from the Hatter", we'll see what she thinks once I make the top hat. If she insists on the tiara the piece may be called 'A Gift from the Hatter to Anger the Queen" LOL.

 She has been fun and a definite learning experience. I burnt her fingers as I was baking her so she'll probably be wearing some sort of gloves. I can see 1000 things wrong with her but I love her anyway and each sculpture I complete is better than the last.

The fabric she is wearing is a scrap that I was testing some embroidery on. It is a hand dyed raw silk. I love the color, it is exactly what I was thinking of when I started designing her clothing but couldn't find it in anything so I just got some dye and did it myself.  I always have white dupioni silk hanging around my studio - it is just the perfect start for so many of the projects that I work on. My boys kept harassing me about her standing on the table naked so I draped the scrap around her until her clothes are finished.

Clothing these little creations is always time consuming. I want everything to be perfect and I also need to work with any obvious flaws, burnt fingers, and see what creative thing I can do to camouflage them.

I'll be checking in as often as possible over the summer and will post more pictures once Alice is complete. Once things calm down I'll be back to my usual postings and be looking for some blog parties to attend.

Have a great week!



  1. Looks as if you are doing a great job there!

  2. Wow, that is fantastic. Sculpting is quite difficult, so I am impressed.

  3. Thank you! I love creating with clay. :0)