Monday, April 9, 2012

I've Noticed a Pattern...

Stay Calm!

This has been one crazy week and when I realized that I haven't even looked into my studio in over 10 days I took a look at things and I began to notice a pattern in my life. Obviously I have a lot going on, work, kids, art, friends, more work... and I love that! Every now and then (about once every 6-8 weeks) I seem to take a non-scheduled break, I just stop everything, except work of course, and once I come out of my haze I feel guilty because I have all sorts of things I am working on and I feel as though I've dropped the ball.

This time I've decided to think that I didn't drop the ball, I just suspended it for a while. Yes, I will be late with a few of the posts that I planned but that is one of the reasons I am part of Blogging Without Obligation! Right??

Anyway, I am here, still alive and kicking. I have a couple of posts that I will be completing this week, one of which will be my 100th post! Wowsa! I am feeling pretty good about that. My birthday is Thursday and I will be heading to San Francisco with one of my best friends and our significant others! I can't wait.

Stay tuned, I have something fun planned for my 100th post, I'm heading to San Francisco (which means Chinatown to me) during the Year of the Dragon... a give-away is a must!



  1. I do that a lot myself. If I feel like I have to get something done then I take an unscheduled break. But if I feel like I have all the time in the world to do something fun, I get it done fast. It's like reverse psychology. lol

  2. Don't feel guilty about taking a needed break. It is a must for a creative person! Have a great birthday.

  3. You could always just schedule your breaks in advance. ^^ Enjoy your trip!

  4. ohhh why do we always beat ourselves up eh......... just a well deserved holiday lol we all need it once in a while..... have a great Birthday x x x

  5. Hey lady!! Happy Birthday!!! Mine was on the 4th GO ARIES SISTAH!!! Lol. I just wanted to let you know I got the mask a few days ago and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! You did an AMAZING job!! I am going to blog abou tit when I get my camera issues resolved and I can get pics up. That and I haven't been able to form to my face yet or even try it on as I have a pretty bad sunburn on my face right now :( I am hoping it will be gone in a few days and I can form it. It looks better today but still stings a bit to the touch. Lol.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your break and your birthday. HUGS and THANK YOU again!!

  6. Hi Sandi, Glad you got the mask :)
    Diandra - I wish I could schedulethebreaks, usually I just go until I drop then I take a break LOL
    Thanks Lisa and Crystalrainbow - I am having a great birthday so far!!
    Salem Witch child - I hear ya!!

    I am heading to San Francisco tomorrow and will be catching up next week. I am really startingto feel good and recharged.