Monday, March 19, 2012

New Figurative Sculpture in Progress

Since I apparently have nothing else to do (OMG what was I thinking??) I decided to join in on the Fantasy Art Guild's Alice in Wonderland sculpting project. I LOVE me some Alice in Wonderland, I love the book, I love the movies, yes, pretty much anything Alice is awesome as far as I am concerned though I find that I really am partial to Tim Burton's version of the movie.  

The project is simple, sort of, use the Katie mold from Patricia Rose and create an Alice in Wonderland themed doll. Well, the Katie mold is about 6 inches tall and that is WAY too small for me so I am sculpting my entire doll free hand which normally wouldn't be a problem except I don't usually sculpt the entire body, I do head, hands and feet with a soft, poseable body. The picture at the top is my inspiration for my sculpture. She will stand about 11 inches tall when I am done. I don't sculpt babies or young children so my Alice will be older, more along the lines of 17 years old. I usually sculpt adults so this will be challenging for me on several fronts.

Here is what she looks like now. The base she is standing on will also be home to the White Rabbit and some pretty little flowers with sculpted faces. I am looking forward to her though it is freaking me out just a bit, full body sculpture - YIKES! So here I am, posting to you all so that I actually do it! Nothing like a little self imposed pressure to get the ball rolling!

This morning I started on the White Rabbit's pocket watch. I love creating the scene. Details really do make the difference and I love those details. Tomorrow I will be starting to work on the most important part of a new sculpture... the face!

I'll post progress pictures as I go.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow, I am very excited to watch the process. I have never sculpted, but have been feeling the urge to give it a try.