Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome to Beneath the Witch's Moon

Merry Meet all,

With another Samhain almost upon me I felt it necessary to finally start blogging about the Craft and my love for all things Witchy.

Let me introduce myself, my name is AutumnWind and I am a solitary witch. I have been following a magical path for as long as I can remember and until very recently I have been firmly entrenched in the broom closet. *Gasp* I know, right.

Due to major upheavals, traumatic events, my own attitude changes (take your pick) in my life over the past 18 months, my life in the broom closet is slowly coming to an end. I think part of that change has to do with the fact that I have surrounded myself with like minded people, or at least people who like me regardless of whether we share the same spiritual beliefs or not. I have surrounded myself with people who I respect as individuals and who respect me and I have slowly been discussing my traditions with some of the non-magical people in my life. Just a bit,mind you, I have no intention of flaunting my beliefs. I don't follow this path to amaze and amuse my friends.

I've decided to blog my journey so that I can become part of the larger witchy community. Being a solitary practitioner gets lonely at times. I am a social person and I really enjoy the rituals and celebrations that are part of my life. I want to celebrate with other like minded witches and plan to become much more active online. 

I am also an artist and want to share the things I create with people who will understand their intent. I like to play and create and have fun.

This, my very first post, is also an announcement that I plan to join "The Domestic Pagan's" Get off your Broom fitness challenge which begins October 1 and runs through December 31. I'll be blogging about my fitness journey here as well.

So Merry Meet my new friends, I look forward to meeting you. Look for me on Facebook - Autumnwind Reno.

Merry we Meet
Merry we Part
Merry we Meet again...



  1. This is inspiring and I am glad to be following you along in your journey. I was completely out of the "broom closet" until I met my husband almost 11 years ago. He is completely supportive of me however his side of the family is not. I was tired of being harassed for "worshiping the devil" so I jumped back in as far as they were concerned. It isn't a problem since we live very far apart but they are visiting next weekend and it always makes me nervous. Stuff like "Are my kids going to say something that will start an intervention" "Is my mother-in-law going to open that cupboard" "Will they go into our bedroom and see my library" I will get through this like always but I am tired of hiding and now just looking for ways to be who I am without freaking everyone out :) Blessings to you!

  2. Misty, I know what you mean! My youngesy is 14 and he and I had a great talk about my beliefs - tonight! My family is very supportive as is my husband but only a few close friends really know, most know that I am "Odd" but they don't want to know more... yet. I am so glad I am able to communicate with others online. Good luck with your in-laws. Email me if you need a shoulder to vent on :) - I'll be adding that contact info to my blog this week.

  3. Thanks for the support! It has always been tough because I tasted being completely open and having to go back in the shadows was really hard but luckily it is only for a couple of days! Most just think I am weird too. I only tell people more if they want to know more because of a sincere desire to understand. My mother in law just uses it to light the pyre! LOL She is a good person just very closed to anything but her own beliefs. My daughters are big into monsters, ghosts, and aliens (they are weird like me haha) and when ever they talk about it she totally dismisses any of their thoughts and says it is all make believe. It is kind of sad because I don't want them to have mundane ideas pushed on them. Sorry I am rambling. I appreciate your listening! Thanks!! Blessings!