Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh my... what a week!

This week I had really planned to eat healthy. That sooo did NOT happen :( Between the wine (ok, I don't know if I can count the wine), my wonderful son's 22nd birthday party, the potluck Halloween party at work and then a couple of lunches out... I am pretty sure I gained about 5 pounds! IN ONE WEEK! I refuse to get on the scale today, just not happening! No way, no how!

I do know that I gained weight, even without getting on the scale since both my left hip and my back hurt. I joke with my hubby that I am (well I was last week anyway) at my maximum weight capacity because if I gain more than 2 pounds I start to hurt and I hurt right now. Ick! I know I will lose it but dang it, we leave for a cruise to the Caribbean the day after Thanksgiving and I would rather lose weight than have to re-lose weight, if ya know what I mean!

Ok, my itty bitty pity party is over! I am back on track and have my workout plan for tomorrow. I think it is time to get off the Yo-Yo plan and start on the weight loss plan!

Thanks for letting me whine!


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  1. It takes time to learn how to incorporate this "live healthier" thing into your every day life - knowing which indulgences to choose, how to replace the others and how to break unhealthy habits.

    A cruise? Sounds great!