Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get Off Your Broom Week 2 - Check In

MM all,

Last week was stressful and hectic. Fortunately none of the stress was related to bad things, I am just trying to get caught up at work after moving our offices and since I leave on Tuesday to do several presentations FOR WORK, I have been playing catch up with my regular responsibilities and preparing for presentations and to top it off I taught a class(I teach classes on art stamping and paper crafts - I sell rubber stamp products as a hobby), took a class (I am taking a jewelry making class this semester), and my hubby was out of town. Whew!

The mini challenge topic about Stress Eating was responsible for me not going completely over the edge with my eating. Most of the time when I was just reaching mindlessly for food I caught myself and stopped, not all the time but quite a few of them.

Of course since my husband and I went out to dinner on Friday I showed a gain at my official Saturday Weight Watchers weigh in, up 1.8 to 168.2 -, this morning I weighed myself again and I am back down to 167, even after the heavy dinner I had last night so I am really only up by less than a half a pound- that is something I am actually pretty happy with. Usually with an over-the-top week like the one I just had I am up about 2 pounds minimum and it takes me all week to get back down, this time I was up the weight of my dinner!

I did not exercise, normally when I don't exercise it is because I am being lazy :) This time I was running from about 5 am till about 11:30 pm each night and I NEED to sleep or I become irritating! SO I choose to not feel guilty about it, I did drink lots of water and ate fairly healthy with lots of fruits and veggies as snacks.

This week I will be in the lovely city of Las Vegas providing presentations for work. The hotel I stay in has a fitness center and this trip I plan to utilize it. I will be checking in on Sunday again next week since I don't get home until late Saturday. So my plan for the week is to maintain my healthy eating, get in 3 days of exercise and drink lots of water.

When I get back from my business trip I am going to slowly wean myself off of Diet Coke - I love that stuff but the caffeine and chemicals are counterproductive to my goals so it must go.

The mini challenges this week should be fun - I have already taken my measurements so tracking them has begun and investigating craving just sounds interesting.

Have a wonderful week...


  1. Wow, you're pretty busy! Impressive!

  2. Thanks - I am also exhausted but I like to be busy. :) After this week things will calm down a tiny bit. I hope!!

  3. Every time my brain tries to convince me that I'm too busy to do this or that, I'll come back to your post and tell my brain to shut it. Like the old cadence goes "If you can do, I can do it, we can do it together!"

  4. Phew is right....what a busy lady you have been - it looks like most of us had a bad week and have put on weight - never mind - there is still time to rectify!!!!
    Good luck with your presentations and I hope the hotel gym is inspirational :o))

  5. Good for you not feeling guilty!! You are a super woman and us super women need our beauty rest :) Good luck this week!

  6. Thanks :) Sometimes I forget how busy I am. I leave early in the a.m. but will check in as I can. I am looking forward to this week but really looking forward to it being over LOL.