Friday, October 14, 2011

Full Moon Plans - Interrupted?

This week I really didn't have too much planned for the full moon. Because of the hectic pace and extra stress of my life lately I thought I would sit on my deck, watch the moon rise, enjoy some solitude, a fairly decent Merlot and just recharge my personal battery.

That was the plan. So, I poured myself some wine and walked out to the deck where I realized that the trees behind the deck blocked my view of the rising moon. Ok, change of plans, I decided to sit on the steps right out my back door since they had a lovely view of the moon. Of course when I sit on those steps not only can my dogs see me but so can anyone in the house. That night it was my youngest son - age 14.

My reality - I sat on the back steps with my son (who was playing Angry Birds on his phone) and tossed a tennis ball under the rising moon for one of the dogs while the other dog ran in circles. It wasn't what I planned but it was still really nice. THEN after the dog was tired and my son was ready to head inside I decided to do this...

I filled the tub with rich, lavender scented bubbles and from the window over my tub I watched the moon as she rose. Perfect view, perfect evening! It wasn't what I originally planned but it sure worked out just right!


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  1. Well, it sounds to me like you "lived" and I'm sure the moon loved that. Mm, lavender!