Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Witchy Green Wednesday: Witchy Green Cleaning - All purpose Cleaner (Re-Post)

This is one of my favorite cleaners! Hands down! It works beautifully and every time I use it the scent makes me smile. Since I make it myself I can change the scent based on my mood, my intent or the room I am using it in.

This is the third post in my Witchy Green Cleaning series; click here for information on a simple bathroom cleaner and here for information on two simple window and glass cleaners. I am testing all of these products in my own home before I post about them here.

Today I am writing about an all purpose cleaner. This recipe is a little more involved but worth the extra effort.

For a 1 gallon container you’ll need the following:
3 teaspoons of liquid Castile Soap (I found this at Target in the bath soap aisle)
2 tablespoons Borax
2 tablespoons Washing Soda
2 Cups white vinegar
12 cups of hot water
Gallon jug - I bought a gallon of drinking water at Walmart so I would have a clean gallon jug to store this in.

Mix the Castile soap, Borax, washing soda and vinegar in a large bowl. Slowly add the water and stir Allow the mixture to cool. Using a funnel, pour the mixture into a gallon jug.

You can add essential oil to this mixture as well. I chose to only add it to the mix once I poured a portion into a spray bottle for use. This allows me to change up the scent and purpose multiple times without having to make lots of mix.  This all purpose cleaner also disinfects so you can use it just like you would Formula 409 or similar products.

Cost Breakdown:
3 tsp Liquid Castile Soap = .33
2 Tablespoons Borax = .05
2 Tablespoons Washing Soda = .06
3 Cups White Vinegar = .48
12 Cups Hot Water = .17 (from my purchased gallon jug)
Total 1.09
Cost per ounce = .008 – yes that is less than a penny per ounce!

Formula 409 is roughly .18 per ounce. That is a huge savings and the homemade product is environmentally friendly, easy to make and safe to use.

My total initial cost for all of the ingredients that I am using for ALL of the cleaning products I am making was less that $40. It you are just starting out I recommend White Vinegar and Dawn Dishwashing Liquid! Those two will give you plenty of cleaning power for the money! The two most expensive items initially are the liquid Castile Soap and the Vegetable Glycerin which is used as a preservative in the scouring powder I’ll be talking about in my next Witchy Green Cleaning post. While their initial cost is higher than the other ingredients, the amount you use is so minute they will last you a very long time!

Witchy Add-Ins:
With an all purpose cleaner you have so many ways to use it that the essential oils you can use are pretty endless.

Once the weather warms up and the chance for freezing is past I plan on making a small batch to clean the interior of my car and just keep it in there. I’ll be putting in Oregano Essential oil for its protection, happiness and tranquility properties – there are some days when I am driving home in rush hour traffic that some tranquility would be welcome! As you experiment with adding essential oils to your cleaning products always make sure they are safe for skin contact and long term use.

Some other essential oil ideas:

For All-Purpose
Oregano – Happiness, protection and tranquility
Rosemary – Purification, protection and alertness
Peppermint - Rid areas of negativity, create change

Lavender– lavender is great for love, protection, happiness and peace
Peppermint – this is also great for sleep, love and healing
Patchouli – this one is great when you want to spice it up - properties: sexuality, power and passion

Grapefruit – to increase energy, this is especially nice to use to clean the shower during the long winter months!
Lavender - peace and emotional tranquility

Oregano – protection, happiness & tranquility

As you can see from the list above, it is worth making a large batch and putting it into smaller spray bottles so you can personalize the scent or you can just use the base recipe as a fantastic cleaning product!

Next up: A Green Soft Scouring Powder Alternative

*Note* I found this recipe on Cajun Joie de Vivre: For my witchy readers please note that her Christian views are very much a part of her blog and could be quite contradictory to your own views, however, I believe that we are all entitled to our beliefs and her site is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for natural cleaning ideas.


  1. Thanks for sharing these, I do not have my own home to clean at the moment, but since the scent of unnatural cleaning products make me woozy I plan to use ones like this one day to help me and the environment!

    1. I made the switch after burning my hands on oven cleaner! Of course, I can no longer use aerosol cleaners at all since I've developed an allergy to aerosol sprays so I am doubly thrilled with how these recipes work!

  2. I have read all your posts on Witchy green cleaning series. These are great. Actually my friend is using the house cleaning service. Her house cleaner shared with me about your posts. She shared that she always follows your cleaning methods. Thanks for another awesome post!!

    1. That is just the nicest thing to hear!!! I love the change these recipes have made in my home and it is wonderful that you and your friend are enjoying them too :0)