Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Greetings everyone,

The past two weeks have been a combination of illness and playing catch up. I thought I had it all together until my camera started acting up - that issue will be fixed tomorrow so my posts should be back to their regularly scheduled days by Friday! Fingers crossed :0)

This week's Witchy Green Wednesday post may be on Sunday. I am so excited to share with  you the natural,  homemade floor cleaners that I've been using that I really don't want to wait until next Wednesday!!

To make up for the extra delay I think I will have to have a give-away with that post.

So, stay tuned for a couple of easy to make and use floor cleaning recipes and a cool give-away!!



  1. I'm sorry you have been sick, and I hope you are well soon.

  2. sorry you've been ill. I look forward to your coming posts and pictures. Oma Linda