Monday, June 3, 2013

Rehobeth, Delaware 

Whew, what a rush. At least I think it was, it all happened so fast I don’t remember too much! That is how the last couple of months of my life have been.  These past few months I have been in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland (OK, that was seriously all in 10 days) and then my man and I went out to California! I’ve been cleaning like a mad woman and we just recently began the monumental project of turning our backyard, which has been a lovely playground for the past 17 years, into a retreat for adults, somewhere we can go and relax, play cards, entertain... We definitely have our work cut out for us but progress is being made.

I’ve been to parties and a couple of Bar-B-Qs, hosted a party myself and have even gotten to know several of my neighbors much better. It hasn’t been a bad few months, just busy. I like busy but I have completely neglected my art and my blog which has lately been catching up with me and making me noticeably cranky!

My studio has a thin layer of dust covering it and my projects are looking forlorn in their unfinished glory.  The kitchen witch I started for my cousin is still only a head, she is waiting patiently to get the rest of her body and some clothes so she can head to her new home, Alice is really, truly, almost done. Her clothes are mostly finished, I am toying with re-sculpting her hands since I singed them when I baked her, but all she needs is to have a few minor details taken care of and her stand completed and she is done!  The fairy for my birdhouse is still just an armature and the dragon STILL needs his skin!

This is truly the first time I have spent any time in the studio in months and before I can even begin to work I need to clean and do a serious purging! I am a borderline packrat. I can’t help it. The art I create can use clay, fabric, paper, buttons, metal scraps, copper wire and feathers, and that may just be one part of the whole. I have scrapbook papers, inks, rubber stamps, wood shapes, yarn, paint, charms, feathers, stencils… and so much more and the thing that is starting to get to me is that I know I haven’t used or even looked at lots of it in many, (too many)years, AND I am starting to crowd my work space.

This coming weekend I will be putting together a box (or 2) of goodies, I’ll post it on Sunday and I’ll be sending it along to someone who wants it – details to follow –yes, on Sunday! This will hopefully help me to clear out some of the lovely things I have an excess of while making room for me to work again and at the same time I’ll be sending them to someone who will give them a good home!

That idea just hit me as I was typing and I LOVE it!

I am off to start cleaning. I’ll be posting more soon- really!

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